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    Default my lyrics

    #1 goes to dubstep
    Lights of Red Blue: Dread and Doom


    *oldschool hip-hop back beat*
    in Belmont!
    you hide like pussies.

    without your lights on.
    without your minds wronged.


    we never did you harm
    we just kept it real hard

    some say its just a hassle:
    to be freed from
    the need of bells and whistles.

    we rip it real hard.

    whip it rip it real hard.


    a life without answers.
    thats whatll crash ya.


    a gang of bitches.
    slowly runnin' on cancer.

    thats they answa
    their pain disasta



    read my lips:

    if you dick around,
    i will make you frown
    then you will be found.
    just by following all those easy sounds


    *bassy wobbles*

    i don't like your style.

    you're all the same.

    you're just waiting
    to be ordained
    from your pain.


    I've got Soul Power!
    Mind Power
    Will Power
    Bad Brains!

    *high pitched synth noises*

    its just in the name
    please understand the blame


    *higher pitch*

    when all the stars come out at night

    theyll slice your head off RIIIIIIIIGHT!



    it was just a roll of your die,
    youre uniform forced you to fry.


    *lower synth background noises*

    it's time to admit your rude.
    and become unglued,
    from the frozen food,
    that haunts the isle.

    its just a unhappy smile

    you gotta turn around, flip around, uncompound, and unsurround

    theres nothing to wonder how

    its just a spotted cow


    *anthem synth noises*

    you got tools to bring us down,

    we got ghetto to bring us clown,

    we have to keep our dosers lower,

    they'll allow our minds to flower.

    It's not a means to an end
    but beginning
    thats life in the pen.

    ive got a ball of clay for might,
    with mountains of pain
    that rip tight.

    valleys of dread.

    its deep in your head.

    youll get mad and cred yourself

    youll think to end my days, i know

    i have it all here in a flow


    *intense wobbles*

    blood shed for my race
    this isnt what made my date
    to remember all thats fair and great

    youve gotta stop servin' and swervin'.
    instead, start Merlin'.

    hes curlin for the people
    that made him eat an apple
    then drop it on his temple
    with his hat on backwards.

    ive got no sense in rhyme
    just RASTAFARI

    its really just that simple
    youll play in the ripple.

    just chill and youll be forever.

    no one can stop your lover.

    its an empire of destruction.

    and disaster.



    *high technoish synth riff*

    i'm gonna kill your ass
    poker face mugging my black

    you'reself is gonna be grass.

    you sound crass.
    sound the brass.

    you just fucking crashed!



    you got no dick
    you just a big black chick

    you got soft eyes of blossom
    im gonna ROC em and sock em.

    ill blow them up with my chi,
    then ill give you any disease.


    straight from Haiti.

    its where real gets ready!

    theres no excuse for you.

    im flyin you out to undo
    your ways of pity.






    *high wobbles*

    im right!
    ive got that delight
    to murder all my fright.

    you die at night
    dont miss the sight
    to reveal the bright.
    life's actually alright.

    but it gets better from here.
    go sip a beer.

    dont be a deer.
    misunderstanding the headlights,
    of your peers.

    keep making deals
    and kill your pride.

    those plastics dont grill!

    they fight!


    you've got no soul
    if you leave that whole
    of your hate.

    its just bait.
    its farming your brain.
    leaving the pain of day.

    why dont you die and join the ray!


    *intense bassy wobbles*

    spit out the dip.

    and load the clip.

    your brain might click.


    we've got the right to zip.

    the bags of those who make felony.

    revel in me.

    we've got lyrics that gel in me.


    and i and i

    and our alibis.

    will only rely.

    on the sun to carry us through the day.

    its just a milky way.


    freedom to let you play.


    this is smart talk not doubt.

    im just showin another route,

    some straight to your mouth.

    ive got hands that move.

    eyes that proove.

    im gonna kill your groove.

    buy a broom.
    find a room.

    you just fucked with the crew.



    *dentist noises*

    slice your eyes up in a salad!

    let's understand what we they dellin'(dealing).

    youre dread. i already know it.

    your part of the fed.


    you got a gun by dressing nice, well thats RETARDED.

    your about to see the falling of your ways on this planet.


    we've got a sense of smell,
    that transcends all hell.

    and if you eat the mallard, you will be gladded.


    you left my lovin',
    fell for you borin',
    and youll be gorin'.

    guts rain down from the sky!

    you better hope you die!

    unless you unwind.
    and tell time:

    its just a way to be easy
    so you stop acting sleazy.

    just start flyin'.

    *electrohouse dubstep*

    i have been grindin'
    on the dark wideland.

    liquid covered floors
    forced me whilin'


    ive got DJ's from hell.

    help them spell you
    dwell in you.

    its peace of mind.

    so shut the fuck up and dont rely


    you think we're in D.C.
    but we were in B.U.

    ive lost the urge to letter,

    so weeeeell you!


    theres nothing to do
    but go intensely zoom

    its a web
    all burrowed together.
    we sink like a feather.


    we get the way
    to flee a very simple reign
    of red jealousy


    you think we zombies

    but we're carnies

    runnin on a prayer
    of the next YEEAAAAAAAARRRR.


    we've got you but in different ways.

    it come from the airs of the hays.


    of dreads, fros, and skins.


    we know your weakness.

    we're gonna freak it and leak it.

    itll be a dance.

    of ultimate bioclash.

    *music stops*

    Some hate it, some know.

    you gotta blow

    the candle of hell

    without a gun.

    RIDDIM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxcx6F34u8Y


    yellow down in my purse
    i immerse
    it brings me into the layer with pens
    i dive slowly only to see through the lens
    it peaks my evil
    i decide to grieve a little


    sitting in a desk
    i pretend to impress
    jive my streets
    in beakers full of meat

    round circles in my head
    break the pretend bread
    the mass of a thousand years
    break my fears

    join the halo
    bring a day though
    you'll need it
    where you're goin


    if you allow us to doubt
    we'll create a moat
    and cut your throat


    say: yellow marks the spot
    of rock



    break the dungeon
    seek eruption
    die before your eyes

    i see you


    you quack in the dark
    a million ways of lark

    i need you to make
    a last rebuke
    to inhale the doobie

    flavor in a while
    i decide when to fry a little
    i cant be blamed
    for letting this be untamed

    i feel through the mind
    of many a thought
    i sing through a breeze
    that destroys me's


    i laugh in the face
    of those who date

    those who break
    down to a pulp
    of lead and gulp

    theyll yell in our face
    and lead disgrace

    if you feel the urge to do the jitterbug
    then get a hug


    follow the sound
    of the pound

    free at last
    in a split second blast

    of blastedness
    and retartedness

    a last will of death
    and last realm of health

    a test to know
    the arms that throw

    the hill that rolls

    and the songs that kill



    bring me a life
    that aims to love
    and frees the dove


    ive got a want of might
    a sound of fright
    and die of right


    in a song of free will
    youll see me grill

    ill follow a sound of life
    that lifts me up to heights


    youll know in a while
    itll come in the Nile

    a layer of Acid
    that will stop your tracks


    we die before we're young

    we have fun
    art site: http://macattackk.weebly.com/
    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Whammybarr?feature=mhw4

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    Quote Originally Posted by macattackk View Post


    you got no dick
    you just a big black chick

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    any body else? i like critiques
    art site: http://macattackk.weebly.com/
    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Whammybarr?feature=mhw4

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