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Thread: Psychology of Man

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    Default Psychology of Man

    I think an interest issue to point out is the lack of male understanding of the male mind. Men always claim to not understand women and vice versa, however the average man only has a tenuous grip on our own behavior. We all know what men do, but we don't ever take the time to look why we do it. Women seem to understand themselves better.

    What makes us a man and why do we work that way. (, I have a pretty good idea of it, but I think this would be an interesting discussion)

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    Hmmm.... I haven't thought about this too much, but after reading your post here's a thought:

    I think it might be men are more afraid to admit who they are to other men (and to women too, I guess), out of fear of not being manly enough or something along those lines. Considering this, men also wonder to themselves if they're being manly enough, and try to mold themselves in order to fit this image they've created for themselves in their mind. It's all an act / forced change in personality, which leads to men not knowing who they really are and thus not being able to understand themselves or their actions.

    This would also be a psychology unique to the man, as it is far more acceptable / common place for a woman to be more in touch with her masculine side than the opposite.

    Just a thought, though, might be way da fuck off.

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    You are molded from an environment that you were raised in. If you never learned to "look at why you do something" that is a part of your mental development, not gender.

    A man can act like a woman, a man can act like a man, a man can even bark like a dog. It's ALL BASED on how they are raised.

    Personality, Methods of Learning, Understand yourself. ALL exist and change from birth to death.

    It has nothing to do with gender, and everything to do with you adapting to the environment you exist in. (Maybe women acquire that skill because they use it to their benefit in the contemporary society they exist in)

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    i also agree that your shaped n molded by your environment but would also say that you can shape and mold your self by developing n cultivating your psychology.. this may also be cross referenced with points made in the other thread concerning "consciousness" whereas i feel the psychology of man is directly related to how aware he is of who what where when why and how.. this would have a profound effect on the psychology of said individual... but also lets be mindful that some people have different phases and levels of growth or periods in their life where their mind can be affected by any giving person place or thing .. just my opinions tho..

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    it is traits across all human behaviour and individuals. its not a trait just men have

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