I saw this on the shelf at Blockbuster Video last weekend and i shook my head LOL. Ray J and AZ are drug dealers in the movie and i'm sure there's a lot of cursing, sex, violence which is typical in low budget black movies hahahahahahahahaha. Can ya'll picture Ray J being a drug dealer? LOL. I might check this out later just to see LisaRaye's fine ass. I saw a picture of her and AZ on the back of the dvd and they were in the bed. So i'm guessing she's AZ's woman. It trips me out that LisaRaye is single. If i was her man, i wouldn't let her go LOL. I'd love to kiss her sexy body. She recently got a divorce and she's on the cover of Black Men's magazine now in a bikini. I bought the magazine so i could see her sexy pictures. I'm still trying to get my hands on her old calendar. I don't know how many calendars she's done but i want one. I'm gonna go to her website and email her to try and get one. She's 43 years old and still looking good.