I think people forget that Samuel was in Menace II Society. The small scene he's in is a classic. He cracked me up when he was getting mad at a black guy for talking shit to him when the guy owes him money. Samuel said what the fuck you mean you ain't got the money yet? Muthafucka, you best to be coming up with my cash or else, you know what i'm saying? LOL. The guy said fuck you Tat. Who the fuck you think you is? Muthafucking Ron O'Neal or something? LOL. Talking bout i better pay or else. I ain't your bitch nigga LOL. What you gon do? So Samuel pulls out a gun and the guy says go ahead and squeeze that shit. I done spent 5 muthafucking years in the joint and i'm supposed to be scared cause you got a pistol nigga. I told your monkey ass i'll pay you when i feel like it LOL. You better suck my dick LOL. So Samuel shoots him several times and Samuel says to AJ Johnson, you owe me some money muthafucka? LOL. AJ said hell naw but here you go hahahahahahahahahahaha.