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Thread: The Champion - Track Review

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    Default The Champion - Track Review

    The Champion

    The Manifesto

    Inspectah Deck


    You never will conquer the champion

    I stream
    Machine Gun Funk
    Trunk slayer
    Major Payne
    game hunter
    Summertime shine,
    mind controller
    hold da crowd still
    hilltop dweller
    Sell the Garden out,
    chain, cuban link
    blink lose shoes
    you could never wear,
    Stare hard
    God rise above
    love hate
    Make your choice,
    voice like Luther
    future hall of famer
    came a long way
    Stay fly,
    I soldier
    Ayatollah Airbender
    send a chill,
    drill sarge
    hard bottom
    Got em hooked,
    took my time
    grind heavy
    ready for the world
    Girl breeze
    he's too experienced

    Been a Don
    avalon size
    Wise to it
    do it like
    Nike type gritty
    city boy
    Noyd Never
    better recognize
    eyes of a tiger,
    the firebreather
    he the truth son
    ...The Champion

    This is Ruger rap
    clap clips
    strips buzzin'
    cousin got the
    spot ablaze
    J's Crisp
    this how I'm styin'
    Island of Stat
    Walk wit me
    fifty cal flow
    Blow the roof
    youth learn
    burn unit
    truist pop it
    watch it work
    Purp's smokin'
    token rappin'
    catch a tidal wave
    slave to the rhythm
    Give em hell
    Bell ringer
    Springer show
    throw a chair
    air it out
    doubt Deck
    Check ya pulse
    folks, witness history

    rewritin' the script
    Switch it on em'
    taught em how
    Nows a new day
    Clutch shoota
    through the storm
    calm bomb
    arm dangerous
    spit game
    flame throwa
    Cobra commander
    It's only him
    Swim with the sharks
    spark light
    seed planter
    camara flash
    cash only
    homey and not jam til
    the band done
    ...The Champion

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    Alchemist dun some top work here, deck fukin kills it from start to finish, my fave so far from manifesto....... classic

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    deff one of the highlights off manifesto
    A million strands of spider webs weaved to make my vest
    Chi energy compacted deep within my inner chest
    One touch of my eagle claw clutch, rips your guts, brass head kill you fast with rapid head buts, ninja spying, the ammo flying, the steel iron blow a nigga neck from his head like dandelions

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