just a thread to drop ideas that come when meditating or deep thinking.
this is from the "letter from who?" thread.

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Dope post BTW Sunny...

or on the flipside, (the powers that be) convince you that you don't also exist in the same spirit world.

i was meditating on something along these lines recently.
some interesting ideas came thru...

what if we exist in a closed energy system?
meaning, all that exists in this reality (vibrating energy) is limited to this reality and no new energy can enter the system from beyond this reality.

we know that there are levels of engagement in reality that have corresponding energy requirements. exercising will, for example, requires energy, not the physical action but the initiating force itself. the animating spirit requires energy...we can go all the way up the tree...

but in a closed system, resouces(energy) is limited to the total amount of energy in that system. so in this system there is what i imagined to be "energy competition".

this is where the author of this letter comes in...

what if by cutting off the population to the "energy flow", or better yet, limiting the population to lower levels of energy use they feel that gives them the freedom to consume higher levels of energy at a greater burn rate?

of course this is ignorant, because in a closed system, energy can't enter but on the same token, energy can't escape the system either, which means any energy used is just converted into another form that can be reused again.

this is just me trying to wear the elitist shoes for a minute in an effort to understand them.

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