Psycho? Just a little bit, disclaimed by my ancestry/
Darkness draws like a moth and only the light can answer me//
Bullets flying from the mouth, like the climax from Matrix Revolutions/
Beat impossible odds, King Davidís Evolution//
The pure rage intoxicates my conscious behavior/
Zombie-like, bubonic plague shit, Iím no savior//
I fight back against the storm, step in the middle of a cyclone/
My rise is a story forlorn, shadow hounds ripping me bone by bone//
Godís light has left me blinded, early comprehension of my potency/
You had me in the dust grinded, paying your pension by my fiery tendency//
Iím never coming back, thatís already evident/
Once I reach those halls Iíll destroy your residence//
Offer no reverence; fuck this fake hierarchy/
Get off me so I can escape this earthly lethargy//

Descent? Happened a long time ago, I wonít pretend//
I wear these battle scars proudly, the devilish dancer,
Godís time is over, Iím that underworld cancer//