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no feed but thats to be expected...

ya'll rappers don't want no ~part of me~/
i'll replace your eyes with your ~arteries~/
you mc's know you can't ~beat me~/
if you don't, you'll know when you ~meet me~/
ya know for my boy's im quick to ~report moves~/
going through ~crews~ as i ~sort dudes~/
style be da ~corkscrew~ fuck a ~court room~/
watch out my lyrical ~4'4's in~/
leavin crews ~frozen~/
I just found out i lost my fucking ~girlfriend~/
im bout to do sumthing big like make the ~world end~/
if i die you know i'll be ~born again~/
cuz on the mic im always ~sworn to win~/
call me Big L cuz i be that smooth ~fly guy~/
always fucked up so i stay seeing ~tie die~/
bitches ~cry~, im quick to wonder ~why~/
we all gonna ~die, its just a matter of ~when~/
you could get killed by your moms, or your best ~friend~/
my rhyme scheme is the ~craziest~/
lyrically im ~blazin clips~/
im white N ~dangeorus~/
call me rob or be quick to think of a ~alias~/
rhyme structure something like its ~tailor made~/
stabbin any m'c with this lyrical ~razor blade~/

i hope to get SUM feed on dis. good lookin wu, i'll be poppin up lata PEACE
u got my props on that one ma dude