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Thread: Need a P logo [VECTOR preferably]

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    Default Need a P logo [VECTOR preferably]

    i'm pretty horrible with vector art but i've been racking the creative section of my brain to come up with this damn thing...

    t.b.h. i dont care what gets thrown my way but if it's illy i'll pay.

    graff, traditional, elegant, whatever--

    i'm going to get a tattoo and i have an ... idea.

    i need a "P"... if one can draw up/pshop the whole logo i was looking for

    -the focal being the letter P
    -either a W (not the wu "w", just regular) as the background secondary letter or an "L" (laureate)
    -vector design around it. maybe wings.
    -grunge pattern as well (paint drips or spatter or whatever else)

    something simple but rugged.

    i know Kozy got some illy skills with the vector so i'm lookin for something along the lines of his sig w/o bitin.

    if none of them work but one inspires me i'll hit that person up with some cream as well.

    i don't expect any replies but im lookin for some help on this.
    shits gotta be bangin
    thnx to whomever helps. PEACE

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    noone helping hm?

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