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Thread: Brothaz Respect - Track Review

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    Default Brothaz Respect - Track Review

    Brothaz Respect

    The Manifesto

    Inspectah Deck
    Fes Taylor

    Cee the Architect

    [sample from Juice]

    Yup, you got the juice now, man


    Niggas respect mine (brothers respect mine, brothers respect mine)
    Respect mine (brothers respect mine)


    Yo, I be, out here, in these streets
    While you be, in the bed, under the sheets
    I grind hard, regardless, I'm gon' eat
    I don't care how many niggas you roll with or how deep
    Cuz I say one word, now you fast asleep
    I rebuke rappers, that spread poison
    I come in the meek form, speak words that make porn
    You in my brainstorm, I sting men that do the innocent wrong
    Your sentiment's gone, you imagining vain things
    Neglecting me, but I reign king, savage-y and wankstas
    Is not a part of my mainstream, they plain jeans
    I'm King Original, Tao Wu Tazine
    Solomon darts, vocabulary Nazarines
    Come with a sharp sword,
    I'm justified by all means, back up from my altar
    Falsehood niggas become falser
    I came back, and stepped out of the saucer
    Respect mines, make me an offer
    Or face the 36 Chambers of Torture

    (Inspectah Deck)

    The General, Rebel the great,
    I'm on money like the president face
    Next felony's a federal case
    New blood, you can never relate
    True blood, you can never debate, nada nueve tres
    I spit like a deagle with the speed low
    Hustle hard, gamble on the game like Pete Rose
    Respect mine, steppin' with the G code
    Make a nigga move like cops through the peephole
    Manny Festo, light it like a techno club
    Outsider, don't expect no love
    Rolling like a west coast thug til the wheels fall off
    And I be damned if you step on cuz
    Brohters respect vets, son is a vet
    Henny rap, feel it up on your chest
    Green eyes try and smuggle my rep,
    so upset but you love it to death
    Get it in, shit's nothing to Deck, he set

    (Fes Taylor)

    For respect, I empty shots out of this tech
    Catch homey at the light, drag him out of his Lex'
    On the edge like Q on the ledge, you got the Juice now
    I took a pledge to the streets, since it was goosed down
    Police move foul, I can move the crowd
    Freestyle or bang bang, any rapper shoot him down
    Pull the Ruger out, from the Hill to the Harbor
    Bloomingdale Road, Goon-berg, stupid clout
    Old school money, get it from my granddad
    So I use a nigga face like I'm punchin' sandbags
    Ran fast when the van passed
    My pants sag, scuffs on my Air Max, blood on my man's rag
    Got the homey loc'ing, I'm still Wolfpacking
    Looking like Kobe open, just pass it
    Two four, numbers I rep
    So my hunger for this bread probably hustle to death, yeah

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    Incredibly addicting, one of Deck's best verses ever.

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