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Thread: Just saw Hellraiser!!!

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    Default Just saw Hellraiser!!!

    I know its been out but I dont remember it as a kid. So, I saw the first one yesterday and it disturbed the hell out of me. Does anyone really remember this movie. I mean it is scary in some disturbing way, especially the end where the guy saids "Jesus Wept" I mean come on, thats some sick shit. You have to watch it to fully understand how sick the end is.
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    Default Re: Just saw Hellraiser!!!

    Hellraiser 1, 2, & 3 were the shit! I lost interest after that.

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    Default Re: Just saw Hellraiser!!!

    Hellraiser is pretty cool... Clive Barkers novel "The Hellbound Heart" which inspired the movie kicks ass too! And that "Jesus wept" line was actually improvised!
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    Default Re: Just saw Hellraiser!!!

    Hellraiser movies are pretty dope- the first couple of movies are classic- the recent ones are just fuck with your mind but they're still pretty dope

    I remember watching hellraiser as a kid and having night mares, that shit would just make me want to watch it again. I think i'm gonna build me box like the one in the movie and see if I can get it to work........

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