9th Chamber...pt 2


Inspectah Deck

Inspectah Deck, Khino

Deck / Angry Deck

The real hip hop is over here x3

Blue and white / yankee fit-
HG / they the shit
A-list / the basics
the basement / the greatest hits
prototype / sho' ya right
high roller type / fly overnight phenom
recon / soldier type
In the streets / been a beast
industry / entity
the remedy / my chemistry
is synergy / it's meant to be
INS / Max Payne
pump through / the track vein
Make a move / act strange
fold 'em like / back pain
Black bang / break em down
guns don't / make a sound
thirty eight / gauge appear
everybody / gangsta now
I'ma ride / I don't hide
get mine / bottom line
Big time / papa shine
stop mine / you out your mind
B twelves / homey dubs
females / show me love
Stunting son? / Know he was
blunted son? / Know he buzzed
Quarter G / fresh kicks,
quarter P / fresh piff
Corner don / what I'm on
always be / that next shit


(Nas sample *Inspectah Deck*)

Pay homage, respect, acknowledge the rep
Niggas is this and that, I'm just the best

*Honor the vets, still causing a threat
Knocking heads, no problem to Deck*
Pay homage, respect, acknowledge the rep
Niggas is this and that, I'm just the best

*I'm INS, brave heart in my chest
I don't follow, I don't mob with the rest*

Killa Bee / Part 3
RP / Trilogy
Heartbeat / feeling me
Pa be / still a G
Mosh pit / mob shit
bomb like / Saddam hit
Armed with / the hottest shit
Human Torch / arsonist
Burn baby / burn it down
two step / turn around
Ooh Deck / hurt 'em now
Park Hill / murder town
Stat boy that boy's /
lord on the track boy, you roy on your back, boy, you 'nnoyed off the fact, boy
Franken-rhyme / monster mash
napalm / bomb the mass
Blaze a line / bong of hash
stay calm / start to spaz
Hit 'em hard / hit 'em up
heads nod / listen up
Split a dutch / bitch what
this is us / get in touch
Concrete / jungle-list
stomp beats / thunderous
From on the streets / busting clips
to palm trees / loving it
Your highness / survivalist
wireless / pirate
My shit / ride for this
the cure for this / virus