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    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
    My gates are inscribed with violence and fear
    One foot on Earth and one in Hell
    The wind is picking up, I can hear the swell
    Bitch's brew brewing and bubbling
    The Uncommitted hide together, cuddling

    History is ever-living like the ever-green grass
    Arises from the graves and bites you in the ass
    our Death is eminent, but our Time is relative
    just because it's ahead don't mean it's over head
    And some of the dead rise again in state and mind
    Ancestor's have as much a say to be bad or kind
    Control and power grab hold of the hour
    And never let go until the milk goes sour
    Born in a location that can't foster growth
    The soil is rotten we quickly learn to loath
    Jungles of concrete with walls that fall down
    If no one cares it doesn't need to make a sound
    I cannot remember my struggle through birth
    I erase my mind hide my face from the church
    But I slept troubled with God in my visions
    Looking at the sky through solid steel divisions
    I was living a life as loose as can be
    Until Death broke the silence and came after me
    The cause of death, does it really matter?
    Tell my story to a brother, his life is no sadder
    The CREAM is universal like a play without rehearsal i'm calling to my rifle but it fires in reversal

    Drugs pull you in and lead you to escape
    Like a light in the dark, gettin stuck to the tape
    Every day, you on the prowl for a cop
    If you not on top then your mind might stop
    Neural connections that pause and scramble
    left in Shambles, some shit you can't handle
    Burnin candlelight deep deep in the night
    Hidin out of sight skin pale and white
    you Can't fight, pray to the hand that provides
    Insides diggin holes while your conscience collides
    With your soul, and now nothing's in control
    Mountain's may be high but they're really damn cold
    But no worries to you, man i feel your predicament
    the world's locked you up, and put you in a containment
    operated on you, you nothing but an experiment
    the system will keep you all alone in abandonment
    vestibule your destination, now prepare for the rainment

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    Ducks and Chickens

    Words come Clean & Clear
    Listerine for your ear
    Mister Clean, lemme hear a cheer
    one guy running round Christ
    like sly gunning Bank heists
    to Golden Heights, harmin human rights
    I aint an eezy I don't share razors n tazers
    But if you don't return the favor then I install another flavor
    rain down like hail, lay down, your eyes seeing double
    bubble bubble bubbles and now you in some trouble
    i do not repeat, I said it once before
    i ignore, imagine your downfall while I plan my encore
    FREEEEEEEEE BIRDS but donning human skynyrd
    human sinners but natural born winners
    champions of the fifth percenters
    whooooo's the original man ME
    the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet WE
    Yes Andre 3000, i'm wayyyy outta this world
    give lifer because I got the 360 cipher oh lord

    pop, pop, WAAAAAH STOP
    niggas can't play hard when all they spit is slop
    Get me a mop, time to cleeeaaaaaan up
    whatsup? RING RING (oh) dinner is free
    everything outta mah mouth is like KFC
    washing DC, never playing the NPC
    don't call yourself an MC, you couldn't rap your ABC
    can you train me CHOO CHOO CHOO
    or POO POO, what the fuck? the potty kicked my ass
    so I wait for the day with a prayer and fast
    like Gandhi, i search for Gold in a US foundry
    But all i find is an FB bounty
    wanted for the death of EEZY county
    but didn't murder, I just cleaned laundry
    Now you see me, now you don't
    Put you in ice, and now you smoked
    like a pig on the day Mary pushed out her bundle
    of joy wrapped in bacon and flavored with soy
    CHING CHING is the sound of your register
    opening, cash flow, then closing all empty
    except we know where the money lies
    except we know where the phony hides
    so we fire spitballs, made by our saliva
    too bad your toys were kinda made in china
    put you in the black land, where the fat man
    eats your face, and jerks it with your right hand
    firebombs your clan, then hides you in the sand

    Ecstatic like Lulu, zoso, and ToTOO
    your torso get ripped when I force the spork through your core
    you on the floor, but I took your funky shoes
    so you aint dancing you hangin with the noose
    questin for the POOOOOOOS with duck hunting on the side
    my wallet's in segundo but I still hang with the Tribe
    slide with the crew's that provide the vibe
    from the FUU to the STEW to the everlasting WUUUU
    if only you knew, I wouldn't be preaching this verse
    even the worst know how to sprint straight and not in reverse
    so step up to the line, pray to rain, and cut the chatter
    let the hounds outta the pound now you running gasser ladders
    Father B-R-A-W-N of the deceased
    My size will increase until the eezy's been teased
    And my wisdom released

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