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Thread: Canibal Ox - The Cold Vein

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    dude i slept so hard on this you could call it hibernating. i only discovered it through the mighty joseph album. i wanted to check out some more of the stuff dudes in there had did and they said one of the dudes was in can ox.

    i've known of can ox for a minute but idk if it was the name or what but i never gave them a listen.

    i co-sign about 90% of this thread though. 10/10 phenomenal stuff. beats are off the chain, and the lyrics are fire.

    "On Prison's intentions, get diesel, read a book
    Find god in a cell block, that's your fate
    I'm that voice in the back of LL's head saying
    "You gonna let a weed plant do that?" yeah, I like to instigate"

    defiantly recommend that mighty joeseph album though to anyone and everyone feeling can ox.
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