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Thread: NAS & MURS TO headline spring splash 2010

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    Default NAS & MURS TO headline spring splash 2010

    at UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE. THE TICKETS ARE 10 BUCKS AND its on april 24th . 2pm - 7pm. if u dont beleive me go to the college site.

    i know this is a wu tang concert thread but where else can i [post this threat.

    i sadly must admit I never bought a nas album . I once had god son and some stillmatic songs on my ipod. my freind let me borrow illmatic but im not felling it. I know its consider a classic.

    i plan to be there

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    Wack. Last year this shit was free when Common was there. I might check it out, right down the street from me.

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    o it was free. damn i like common to bad i missed it.

    well heres a quick sloppy review of the show.

    littlle brother performed

    () they was alright. they got some ppl movin.

    murs .
    () I know who he is but im not to familar with to much songs.
    () he has beef with rick ross
    () homeboy is really energetic
    () I poped for bad man . thats one of the only songs I know.
    () I loved his 9th wonder shit.
    () pain is a real dope ass track.
    () I didnt care for his commerical type sounding songs.
    () before he perform " break up song" he said that he cant be calling women bitches and hoes. for, the way he looks and his hair. what a funny dude.
    () overall he did good.


    ()_ before murs and nas open their sets they had a DJ play.
    () I hated the crap he was playing . stupid f uck was playing a shitload of jay z. call me a jay z hater cuz I am. I know they say if you dont like leave. but I didnt want to lose my spot.

    () dURING THE WHOLE SET I shouted out ether ether! so did some ppl. eveen the ppl who liked gay z did. I only wanted to hear ether cuz i know its a diiss to jay z. but we all know that beef is done.
    () songs that I know he performed.

    1. hip hop is dead. ( funny shit to me is he says fuck the radio and some of the crowd repeats it. didnt the crowd enjoy the radio bullshit that gay dj was playing . )

    2. tHE WORLD Is yours.
    3. represent.
    4. if i ruled the world.
    5 a song from nigga . homeboy forgot the lyrics. but he didnt 4 get the words to 6. you're da man
    7. go t yerself a gun.
    9.one mic.
    10 get down.
    11 iam
    12 made you look. i went apeshit for this song. then i gassed out.

    he played other tracks i didnt know.
    but I didnt care for some 10 min cover musial song he did. I would rather hear 3 tracks in 1o min. but hey he had to take advantage of the live band.

    A pretty decent nas performance. nowhere as good as the rock the bells 2005 show. he even did ether back then. well 10 bucks was well spent. I just hated that pop shit and jayz crap they were playing. which took the luster from the concert. on the postive note it i had fun
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    Yeah, last year they played a bunch of poppy shit before Common came out. It was dope though, cause for the first 5 minutes or so Common sang some classics like Passin Me By, Nuthin But a G Thang and I think Cream, among others. Crowd went nuts for them.

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