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Yeah man, he killed it on Mr. Sandman for sure... "My move for the table was swift - I got my hostage." I love it when cats can paint a whole scene with so few words. His verse in that song unfolds perfectly in my mind.

yeahhhh! like RZA verse from What You In Fo

"Son I just slapped my bitch
Came to my crib 'bout half past six
Kid's in shitty diapers, no food was fixed
I was like, "Yo bitch - why ain't no food fixed?"
She on the phone with her friend talkin bout dick
I snatched the receiver from that bitch like CLICK
She got all excited, tryin to throw fit
Swung at me then I swung back - BITCH!"

but back to Fisk, he should do a track with Solomon Childs. that shit would be sick