Ritualistic holistic prayers of a serpent slayer
mad melee timeless days priceless on the hourglass
sand pebbles where my footprints stand
sour diesel in my hash emanate harmonics
global super storm who merits salvation
innate form multidimensional residual causes
effect without losses who can decipher the frequency I encompass
make the earth shake off its axis sound resonates trough this mic apparatus
celestial scribe eagle eye sky chariot
heavenly sphere here is another doctorate
carved on the tablets of destiny love is the only remedy
master of my fate universal law upholder my words is bolder
free energy attained through the mind pure of the positive
creating classics street scholar true philosopher
understood in all languages peace to all my angels fighting fire with fire
its a spiritual war in the heavens water bearer intergalactic dwellings
ushered in the age of Aquarius beware of the nefarious
the torch is lit precious gift God's army deliverance