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Thread: Above The Chosen One

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    Ritualistic holistic prayers of a serpent slayer
    mad melee timeless days priceless on the hourglass
    sand pebbles where my footprints stand
    sour diesel in my hash emanate harmonics
    global super storm who merits salvation
    innate form multidimensional residual causes
    effect without losses who can decipher the frequency I encompass
    make the earth shake off its axis sound resonates trough this mic apparatus
    celestial scribe eagle eye sky chariot
    heavenly sphere here is another doctorate
    carved on the tablets of destiny love is the only remedy
    master of my fate universal law upholder my words is bolder
    free energy attained through the mind pure of the positive
    creating classics street scholar true philosopher
    understood in all languages peace to all my angels fighting fire with fire
    its a spiritual war in the heavens water bearer intergalactic dwellings
    ushered in the age of Aquarius beware of the nefarious
    the torch is lit precious gift God's army deliverance

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    Universal runs measure my orbit
    emc to the square perfect placement
    where freezes or burns are not quantafiable
    calculate solidified thoughts molecular mathematics
    organize mechanics guenious leaders
    master movers who murder yet feed people
    because of the work provided many nations eat
    saints in they're villages enough said
    I still got to carry on my pilgrimage without pillaging
    survival done without negative acts
    means found around a system thats wants to send you
    back to prison its like we under nazi living
    power to the people innocent victims
    the beast blinds our vision we not noticing how
    we consume their poison without restriction

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    Flo immaculate maximum force type Spartacus
    decadent splendor mind bender star transcender
    evacuate wastelands free poetical prophets in refugee camps
    doctrine concoctions of a marksman dartsmith dedication
    melted steel gets pounded into sword formations
    atomic bomb scares produce angels in my nightmares
    guardians with fanged k nines and smiling faces
    holograms hide a white house full of pulpits dressed in clown suits
    reptilian shape shifters preselected senators knelt at the altar before a dark prince
    illuminati keep the bloodline thick
    fortified ghostly realm of living flesh
    just floating dust in a pointless existence and meaningless breaths
    android voids phy. wars control is phycologic
    neo draconian neuro pharmacology
    evolved spores grow on your pathology
    street prodigies eagerly ignore truth philosophy
    lighting bolt storm troopers shadow agents launch punitive strikes
    narcotics gang unit raids the night

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    The chosen one

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    chosen one mathematics the father of all sciences/
    the kid ill with a shank gangster tactics of a giant applying this savageness/
    calcinate contrary m.c.'s bodies burn back to carbon/
    black market asassin ice pick at your brain stone mason/
    cold cutter chip away at your skull and bones with a chisel and a hammer/
    metal to the chest plate holes perforate everything they embrace/
    you just a baby snake see it in your face you fake devil/
    on the level deadly grace of a st. scholar murder peddle/
    not giving a fuck when I ride raise the stakes high when the gods congregate/
    generate my thesis to the N.Y. state from the Golden Gate/
    south bound stay in your lane you out of pocket slaying you lames/

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    dynasty of the god mentality/
    evolve beyond the monarchies of democracy/
    dark rule free yourself see through this evil reality/
    kids frown leaders shut down an adult is left shunned now/
    strangers prowl dogs howl the pain is felt round and round now/
    full circle recycled hurdles obstacle blockades low-down is the feeling felt year round/
    back to crime bad life make me want to pick up the four pound and/
    grind sun rise to moon shine another way a new path I got to find/
    fuck end times this world aint done till I say its finished no gimmick/
    dont need credit forget the critics sick is how I spit it/
    uplifted souls smile on their faces love from our children we embracing/
    done pacing they can keep tracing our calls and raiding our spots we still ball/
    strike down upon you snakes like killah eagles to overcome all evil/
    armies form broke down in factions these rap prophets is clashing/
    these are men of god stars leading the squads/
    cannons kept on deck war battalion medallions around their necks/
    dog tags along with the casualties get cremated in smoke stacks/
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    open portals to the imortal path of enlightenment/
    living right is the only way to surpass mistakes made in a haunted past/
    a negative wrath got you trapped like rats on a sticky pad/
    while my luminous blast leaves tracks of positive impacts that streak across a divine canvas/
    universal status reached security breeched in order to teach babies/
    hightened perceptions through open senses transcened dimentions/
    conquer this earthly abode's migration of souls and you shall be released from all gravitational force/
    key note levetate massive stones when acoustics vibrate/
    barriers cascade as the trumpets of the arch angels play/
    bridged with the heavens these street prophets to gods they upgrade/
    edit proverbs to psalms notepad held in my sweaty palms/
    in the land of the palm trees we stay fully armed/
    thirteen my slang was strong and still is kid/
    last three bars of the god form a holy trinity majestic symmetry/
    synergy inert vortex technology super nova explosions/
    tribulations appear beast mode attack flows watch the dead rise as my hands lift to the skies above chosen/

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    conscience beggining beyond our planetary system/
    star religion geometric pricision/
    light brains like a pulsar jump start your pulse heart beats deeper/
    true believer knowledge seeker wisdom's speaker/
    vessels of god nestled in the clouds mother earth nurtures my ora/
    breathe solar rays absorb radiation/
    veneration of hope deliver the sword of scrolls this tongue spoke/
    discover the secrets of gold pure as ice crystals/
    activate quartz skulls electrify the pineal gland triangle eye/
    see the future smoking mirror made of volcanic glass/
    genetic code of the old shaman machete swords man/
    provide life like a kernel of corn leave behind the torment of storms/
    lead the masses to the watering hole switch course like magnetic poles/
    like the great deluge I swarm flood poems like ohm's/
    sounds flourish as my rhymes furnish the mind/
    new age times outer space ushers in galactic paradigms/

    urban flags rags reflect hood maps/
    street tags and burned straps/
    dirty rats turn to whore bags/
    kush grams rolled in blunt raps/
    no matter where you at every block full of meth and crack/
    out here there's a drug for every crowd/
    more than many sets and clicks major gangs exist/
    legit gangsters mythical status everybody's slanging/
    youngsters already balling older cats victims of the struggle no longer falling/
    jobs is short cops arrest the poor pack the courts/
    food stamps and wellfare the only resort no support/
    the dope game's a blood sport chemicals distort thoughts stress clots the dome/still righteousness grows into a man once a precious child/
    living is wild no smiles broken homes floors with shattered tiles/
    still we find success try our best educate the rest/
    issued a check mortgage or rent paid/
    kitchen with food soap in the bathroom/
    detergent and fabric softener on top of the washer clothes in the dryer/
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    writing it's my passion as i'm writing i'm in an altered state as i'm writing/
    as i'm writing thoughts collide and my minds awake/
    writing to express genius writing to describe the tedious/
    I write even thou they say my words are demon possessed flows insidious/
    far from deviant sentient light being/
    strike like lightning exciting the curious those that don't understand left furious/
    instant knowledge born in an infant/
    intent the unknown do away with you misfits/
    truth in the bar the media misprints indent the imprints like scars/
    like black tar my verse's addictive far from sadistic/
    writings of a great mystic intrinsic never fall in the esoteric/
    well aware of the superstitious discern proven fact from the fictitious/
    tame dark spirits energy is controlled from the depths of my soul/
    manipulate matter firm handle on all matters/
    dictate life disintegrate anything trife/
    god in my whole existence exercise dilligence I must reverberate persistence/

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    try to drop more often

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    clandestine labs super slabs a billion in cash/
    man destine to grab stats got the whole world bagged/
    if not then stab my way to the top in super max./
    golden origin mighty morphing endorphins spore like toxins/
    mind-body concoctions topple writings on many topics/
    targets left with no options in shallow graves they drop in/
    for knowledge im constantly starving thirst for wisdom/
    heart to stone hardened art of flow harnessed cosmic conscience/
    song-less barred canvas infinite verse of a divine artist/
    im a monument of greatness you're just an enigma/
    stigmata my pen bleeds the forseen preminitions extreme/
    deemed a high intellect with honor and prestige/
    blind observations cause obstructions fall to false judgements/
    choose wise what you decide lack of being precise can lead to divide/
    peace to wutangclan fam and fan killah bee diciples god following/
    street scholarly perfct the symmetry tight team scheme mentality/
    persistence my dominant trait existence of a great poet/
    generate energy that radiates through all dimentional states/

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    discipline the foundation of my principles/
    envisioning correlations in a divine state/
    concentrations mystical parables create miracles/
    chosen one disciple of armageddon black chip embedding/
    turn it on or off dont use banks wont fuck with computers/
    guenious of the mind transmitter electronic data scatters/
    evade parameter thoughts vast enhance diameter/
    decipher geometric symbols design in the guise of evil/
    that controls the weak minded and fievel/
    equilibrium tactics in all aspects of my life be digital/
    this gift im giving you spirits protect my ora/
    dagger and tek check mate on the chess board/
    war strategy precise be my analogy/
    street scholarly no need to fofill a prophecy/
    societies revealed in secrecy lids peeled for youre eye to see/
    the birth universal controller in the global you can run for office/
    im a blow up the oval destined for greatness since a fetus/
    still savage like chop up my enemy with meat cleavers mental dead non believers/

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    urban frontier digital engineer cyber poet cyborg prophet/follow the teachings of the Abbott raised a m.c. rhyme cipher upbringing of a killah wordsmith/corrupt beginning strong will succeeding still life in to words im breathing/open hearted and honest how im living gift of giving/chicks hatch count youre chickens/embrace youre blessings have a mission/live for something set goals find your pace/trace units decimals placed between rows of triple zeros no hero/just heavy concentrates of ink and green paper work hard stay focused/compose scripts balance explosive enforce grips/my scrolls zenith peaks like a phoenix/codes cryptic scribed in digits of ones and zeros language mathematics/drift through the static voice floats over electric currents purging impurities/

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    phonetic rays adhere to photonic wavelengths/mental strength provides security in a fiscal year/motivated by the same sphere of intellegence as my fellow peers/behold pure energy control time frames like the spear of destiny/space travels throughout my molecular within this organizm lies the origin of the universe/

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    street dandy caviar and ice candy green fruit rolls and black taffy/crime economics survival man harsh terrain grey clouds pour blood rain on the underprivileged/hell on everyone big town to small village feel pain transformed to rage turn page/dirty hands stain clean slates no escape/nothing but empty plates on the table the game is the only food for the street wise players/born slanger rap banger sill structured to kill ciphers/g in this hip hop culture you just a lame ass square circled by vultures/no brochure on how to grind aint no school or book for a hustler/fake talk yet not one walked the walk/why in the fuck are all these wannabees so obsessed with filling the shoes of a lost soul/bold stories told by the old like the gold pawn shops now own/government stole the youths ability to grow/white doves and black crows one brings peace and the other death after the war the brown eagle fights/
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