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Thread: Above The Chosen One

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    gods hands ask of a time that describes days of revelation great depravation fear and the suffering of humanity acompanied by haunted visions overwhelmed by depression
    and anxiety face eators that dream came to my brother six months before its reality drug war casualties shall reach 110,000 the gods demand the sacrifices devils will lure the innocent to the luxuries of all vices who will survive this end times only the wisest 144 thou shall plow the fields and renovate the lands and reap of the golden harvest homeless firedweller cause not even dead i shall find a place to call home not in heaven nor hell............
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    man cant expell theese deamons in ryme form it get deeper let me think

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    connects link 2nd in command carry on legacies
    accept it or be extinct blessings of a ice god
    got the upper hand bury dons who question
    me symmetric chars the remedy cook book
    philosophy militant cocaine make bitches
    cum like milk from the poppy papi on
    that china white skin chick from the orient plus
    my queen la reyna a hot columbian
    sniffin flakes peruvian kush for my nubian
    keys compressed out post from africa
    to germany asian ephedrine for the
    mexican crystal methamphetamine green
    is red blood murder floods worlds trans
    national drug capital boss enforcer
    come closer trust ill touch ya saints
    of death come for you last breath
    dont mistake the gun fire for fire
    works machete swordsman
    live wire god inspired love of my
    father motivates my path cap
    cap slugs ill catch thats ok price
    to pay well given even the odds attract
    granite encased coffen build a moselium
    valley of the kings tomb rest upon the city
    of the gods is where youll see em
    pay hummage to greatness never dare
    forsake this from the crib to the
    crypt full blooded ABOVE THE CHOSEN ONE
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    Take over like a caravan of bullet proof range rovers old skool like b leaf and clove smokers digital hands jump out ya cpu screen to choke ya squeeze ya throat come down of that cloud ya float rats ate noahs boat make a sacrafice you my lamb fuck ya filth no bettah than a swine yo my slugs airborn like bird flu ya dumb spit camel dung my rams will leave ya dansel sprung wordz is deadly as the black widow ya run like a calf i walk like a bull ya giraffes bettah watch were ya stick ya neck sniff ya out like a blood hound my heart reveal the power of a thousand stallions loyal like a pit bull ya chicken go to churches or pioneer slang mo crumbs than kfc this the ab. U cant see me im a g you just a flea bloodsucker fuck ya fucken mesquitoes c-1 the iron eagle got mad flows ya a fucken elephant sideshow

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    life of sinning no grinnen gods henchman repentant of the repetetive process with no concept
    only the process of progress knowledge of the positive no stress cause im fearless in my blood in my hear in my soul in my mind there is nothing to be scared of wisdom of self the god body be im a g shooting spree do or die this the god above im a sammurai king machete cutting down family trees that get blazed daily hooked on them hash slabs stack cash and kill those who keep tabs on the mighty weapon created to leave devils inh nile lated nothin but thug mcs a g that cant be faded out on the block rolling low key fuck with me im gun smoking smokin gun burning sun heres my two cents in the air flip a token and lets see who wins in this game of life and death guaranteed im a take yo breath got mad respect mcs hit the deck yep.

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    true atisan deadly ambiance thug renosance
    dominant eternal existance remain prominant
    digital age final stage all energy is embraced
    theories erased blood lines lost in the traced
    trates of guenious entrepremuers consumers
    chase the first high while all we do is remain
    on point to get by sometimes slow g still sly
    live wise think right and stay positive action
    is the pace constant always in motion slang
    money the currency monitery mentaliy gods
    righteous minds who think alike to eliminate
    anything against the grain felt the pain and
    the change of the people overnight we use
    to be on top of things now all we cares are
    about material things kill any m.f. for cream

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    shadow deamons watch my every move
    flow smooth thru the radius lil homie hit
    in o-six plus parents seen all kind of ish
    parished in front of their eyes shot stabed
    never asking why tonight moms said
    time to leave all that shit behind gotta rise
    no need for the incline lil kids at my door
    lil kids! fuck it all out fo da dough ya know
    pregnant bitches smoking dope i was fifteen left
    her sprung did'nt give a fuck she was nothing
    but a feind first and third cash on they cbt cards
    government funds took to the head no bread for
    the kids all thats left is crumbs thats when cps comes
    president sent by elite orders to make slaves out of
    babies concerned about they wellfare but all know they
    dont care they ship jobs and guns entire countries left
    without sons all the while its you and me brainwashed
    to fight the devils battles street militants cause no hopes
    of ever being given a scholarship go to jail and charged
    thousands forced to pay or its back to jail and the trail
    goes on cause its endless poison foods contaminate air
    satellites watch your every move cams on tv control minds
    through ultra low frequencies create lab grown viruses with
    deadly vaccines shit is obscene the way they got us all distracted
    by material things and self conscience thoughts destroying our queens
    to be cont.............................................. ...............................
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    Prophets rise apocalypes arrives open eyes hoping lives survive scoping lies overcome end times the determined thrives angels and demons collide spiritual pride blinds even the most wise aware of the devils disguise only yourself to guide the road is narrow the outcomes wide life and death water the life force air is breath

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    oh yeah, get stomped on walking on sacred grounds assasinational skills is mad profound
    fucking blook hound hunt you down
    torcher physics what surgical presicion fuck friction brown
    black arts of death speacialist iron fist
    you jumping jack flash catch a whooping four five pound
    track you down technology terrorist butcher knife cut around
    flesh neck and bones hold up machete hack through yo spinal hack hack hear the sound
    all that done jus ta make ya suffer mother fucker who you is aint shit in this biz kid
    lil fucks in this rap shit rap it up shit hit the fan god dam please forgive me fuck you fuck
    praise beyond hell is what ive raise shells rain down upon my enemies just an illusion thats all you bee fake motherfucker trying to rap aint ever seen a key or a glock and if you have talking about i aint but dont push me listen in case you missed it you got yo science twisted fucken panty hose hoes fucking with the top knotch caninbal eat yo spot

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    c-1 99% of yall bitchez

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    yeah wateva im cleva cheddah stack racks on yo back dominoe hoe ryme time divene shine implode super nova roll a maverick thick fold chedah cold sold you out fake jus float but im high in tha cosmos loko blast and reload exploit ya fake mothafukas get the rope ova bridges punk bitchas aint wit this hiphopness blessed watyah aint wit it bitch thats all rite sprite its all bubble hustle on the what double triple up on you sucka mc try to flex sorry as a text tek scatter um bum ass motharucka trying to flexx hit um wit tek yea her bitch sukin on my d eye but um yea sorry ass fuk you aint no thing strate up listen tooo yo vixxen shee tellin tha truff bitch rael mcs aint none like me the ab chosen gun smokin

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    alright look chosen one fabouloso supreme game in a choke hold/get'n mo cream than the filling in a 1000 ho ho's/choke chain on theese bitches pull their hair back slow/born most mafioso hand on my toast/punk fools getting smoked yo/control with the cosmic glow of the solar/crowned kingpen of the clique hold corona/spit with a deadly aura/gold plate in my holster/ladies love me cause the flows lovely/only roll bad bitches that like it ruff like rugby/so im on the inside doing triple pump burpies/hit the streets hungry/concentrate my mind on monetary maneuvers to bankroll this money/rose from the gutter burnt burners tossed in sewers/mamma ain't raise no dummy/sky high unlimited/kid im sick with it/blessings from the most high with the skills of a gifted hustler/handing out cakes as the world rotates/to the numerical notes of million dollar figures/think quicker gear shifter/well calibrated harmonics to this musical atonement/ABOVE the brown jesus anointed/with the sacred oil of a olive tree/appointed the universal god from the milky way galaxy/fire walker/star hopper/third eye focus my chakra/chopper cut imposters/ABOVE the heart beat stopper/i'll break you off proper/all killahs on my roster/body dropper the boo bopper/chart topper/my chocolate thai's rasta.

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    all this haterizm/gots me/enraged in position/embracing the friction/as im/facing my mission/im seeing/tracers in prison/that got me/chasing my vision/im cautious as my conscience travels in and out of dimensions/im stressing a dream/KILO-G told me the time is now to be formulating a team/judgement follows my intuition my only wish is getting this cream/I dont need no assistance/I shine divine with persistence/im a ride knowing I can die in an instant/still I fight taking flight with precision/look into my eyes and you will see the determination that is taken to the extreme/

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    quasar on ya radar/drug zar/eagle on ya 4 par/astro turf boi my reach galactic/force strong as the mexican prison population bitch what/philosopher unstoppable yall chatter box heads get nocked off the matrix/digital war phycologic text radiology bust like a gamma ray/no escape no matter which way yo grammar sway/tek stand for technology nine/pass gate projectile hit yo spine/marked with the laser dart cut yo ventricular trying to vent/my spade split flades gauge chop fades/parade that ass on the battle block I shrink heads/nomadic marksman attack your friends your road is a dead end/pretend folk get they shells cracked rotten eggs spoiled yolk/

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