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Thread: Above The Chosen One

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    they are trying to test my faith
    but I must protect my place
    take my time this is not a race
    knowing full well there aint no escape
    ride for my beliefs no matter my fate
    blessed with universal knowledge inate
    heated as my blood boils I realized I need to exercise my traites
    and elevate my status I got to keep it real fuck the fake
    gennerate heat no room for mistakes
    all odds at stake
    grind for this cake
    my conscience is in a higher state
    master of my circumference the world is mine to take
    break bread with a homie I'de rather make a homie
    than break a homie
    never disgrace the homies
    fortified by saints
    im the tree that gave you shade
    you leaves I rake
    cant out flank the rank
    I stick to my guns while most they flake
    bounce rock roller skate
    mad paper to chase
    this beat is laced

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    Street poetics wise relics prophetic heat
    criminalized enterprise energetic
    imortilized by thought vessels of god
    running deep as we creep out the shadows
    prepared for battle
    I got my hand on my gun
    and I wont hesitate to put a slug in your mug
    I live the life of a thug and my rhymes are iller
    memoirs of a drug dealer coming to you soon
    I been away for a minute but im still gifted and with it
    illicit explicit lyrics im spitting
    baby aint no time to be shady I got mad game my caliber is fifty
    my nickels are hot forsee the future like nas I jot
    Im like Mackeaveli's the seven day thoery
    SunTzu masters of war these mics I rock brilliant hip hop guenious
    contrary to devient the mischievious
    im a keep doing what im doing and you fools cant fade me
    im a shine and im a rise in this world so crazy
    yous aint seeing this my flows go hard cant fuck with the sqad or the god

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    accumilate the quicken blood stricken hit yo spine faster than a tab of stricknine
    I heard it through the grapevine double helix elixer none quicker hit you like last months twister
    blisters cover yo occipital rip yo ear off like a flower pedal
    to the metal I got holes to puncture on them cant fuck the fam let em know
    fofo calibration acute precision incision I want that hart dark venture
    lecture is the lessons taught setting example ample trade
    cant none of yall fade master of my trade true killah
    rhyme swift paradigm done shift dont trip on a true mc trip
    salvation depends on ambitions of my desire humble yourself welcome to my quire
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    sentient being cloaked in divine garments
    god orb viewing's remote as above so below stop starving
    transcend to the realm of the universal architect as my face contorts
    ultra magnetic reports son shine brilliance lines meridian
    free energy build or destroy the choice is yours star outlast millennia
    transmigration of souls gravitate wisdom the source of my radiation

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    Fuck the freemasons

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    Default Digital angel

    dont get me wrong we bombard lyricly strike hard
    ABOVE be the GOD digital angel militant squad
    repentance is critical check the angle
    war manifold keep this world in a stranglehold
    operational base in all seven continental plates
    troops swarm like tanks swoop in on your highest rank
    surround your compound military minded strike enemies soon we touch down
    unstoppable arsenal advanced technological
    black commando sicario
    don carreon mob figure on the trigger
    mind sharp as a sickle fully automatic bringing the static
    to maintain control remember always for the grace of god is what we fighting for
    the god stand guard shine divine lethal vanguard
    warriorlistic rituals of the spiritual
    sacrificial blood obsidian blade
    aztec rage unleashed on the superficial
    just remember this I love you god
    set me free
    cant you see
    please god
    set me free
    VERSE 2
    constant acceleration resident imperial
    resonant vocation instruction celestial
    reconnaissance is heaven sent outer space time travelers
    messengers intergalactic southern star
    out of the lower fourth dimension I appear with a digital spear
    to strike down upon you heathens
    breathing evil on this earthly dwelling
    infiltrator of your sector peace to the rzarector
    7 sisters 12 apostles 12 signs in the zodiac sphere
    12 months in a year 7 days in a week
    constellation Pleiades and Draco Sirius a b and c
    the belt of Orion the rise and fall of the Lemurians
    described in the Summerian tablets
    the lost civilization of Atlantis the worship of the serpent goddess
    dragon snakes drinking blood out the stone goblets
    all hail the mighty and powerful queen shapeshifting in the castle
    cant you see
    set me free
    please god
    set me free
    VERSE 3
    golden dome masterous beyond the call of illumination
    dignified radiance revolutions evolved in great significance
    universal radius digital angel ABOVE is my alias
    cryogenics minds left frozen like a global pandemic
    author of the holy saga spiritual nature symbolized in the mother
    the son and the father without god you shall not prosper
    oblivious to the light cant you see set me free from this
    halographic illusion I percieve as real
    yet with great wisdom the true knowledge to heal I reveal
    to the masses so it was written clashes within the scientific world of sinning
    paganistic beliefs hidden in all religion war is the vision
    I keep my mind sharp and my sword stay swinging
    I stay active ready to carry out missions
    bound by honor like a suicide bomber
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    heres something for you
    lone gunner loan struggler buzz bubbler
    on deck step to the plate home runner
    dont seek knowledge nothing dummer
    despise hunger still wise hustler
    rise tougher street slugger cap busters
    rap over the baseline im a sick drummer
    done slacking nothing im lacking still packing move crystal
    assault riffle armada strong armor
    seen thru prison gates more wiser
    still food on my plate think better
    stay cautious perilous approach
    star desendant been coached
    top instructor born hustler
    massive weight sold over 500 guns owned
    narco soldier expose my skin tone
    after riches for son and misses
    decadent rome after empire jewls
    secret wisdom grows young gods already know
    they look up to me advice I give got them on the lap of luxury

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    freestyle wiser think live'er smile sure
    thought concurred with the congruent
    flow glow yeah I shine happy to rip spines
    try and test mines no doubt kid true to the game
    what are you about giberish miss spelled wordz
    served drunk punk shotgun rap you got nothing
    on me wack m. to the c. or whatever more clever
    always for the better thats where my heart stay
    most self-decieved think they hit strong but often stray
    far far away dam you not even close im done thinking my
    mind is closed eat for now connect the plow reap the fields later

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    strategize re-formulate acts that calibrate the actions
    mobilize see through the gates counter act cats who hate the Chosen
    opportunities closing windows disappear slim chance for survival open
    mend mind circuits spark the surface of the frontal lobe cosmic orb shows the hoping

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    times rough its grind or bust had enough of the punk shit
    go straight illusions of the mind state elevate through what I know wont quit
    cant quit nothing or no ones legit under control they got all our souls
    ghost and ghouls haunt your thoughts worship is esoteric tears pour
    still on a roll hella knowledge absorbed scores of data supports
    the influential massive wisdom to the wise is essential
    immense potential to bring change and save brains

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    flame burst like solar winds
    coronal holes to your skull cant win
    tactical measures dont pan-out or in
    syntax error encrypt terror
    slow modem post-mordem
    slang masters they wont mourn him
    attacks crash systems I wont warn him
    the cpu. of my mindstate is quantum
    sacrificer of the re-wired splicers
    my electronic pulse cant be touched
    these dragons spit fire only to get slained
    by a st. king my boy sick on this text flow
    yet nobody is indispensable
    mob hit on the under boss
    even the most loyal get double crossed
    mass-writers scrolled all the rhymes all-fo-nothing
    top dogs my boys touch down in federal
    no pitty on your petty stress
    cant contest a mic legend
    im pulling the card on you fake ninjas
    commando enforcer all black fatigue
    major league in these so cal sts.
    players in europe africa and asia
    yall cats dont exist oblivian amnesia
    illified iron wind blind the eye of sin
    stamped on your wrist titanium fist
    pound your shift fatal breeze drift through live scripts
    play the roll on the solo st. star kid bolo
    drop gutter thunder no promo
    kill mister mix tape who spit fake on the microphono
    capitol A B O V E ak gernade launcher my logo
    fuck a snake fuck a rat plus I hate the po-po

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    Above the chosen one

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    No straggering life mastering
    contract the contact
    if on his word he go back the god attacks
    return tax controller of the quota
    code of silence coat of arms strong
    paper and influence long
    existence prolonged with bombs
    I target foes emotionless heart cold
    stay on the roll vent scrolls
    insane folk truth spoke
    his conscience God knows
    drytears roll cant cry anymore son
    fight hard even thou the world against us
    weighs a ton no stressing get paid
    doing push ups till your back sore
    jaguar roar conquer abodes
    grow like a grain of corn
    in the dope game born
    raised to move weight and
    roam freely through the inner city
    bloody storm stay tuff and try not to mourn
    when holes get blown on the ones you hold close
    time rough fuck a rut
    hate being stuck no limit know
    when to say enoughs enough

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    Swing swords for the army of the Lord
    the devil's set traps got's you in its open jaws
    before you know you've fallen in evils hands
    take a stand seek knowledge wisdom and understand
    that you the man break the trance
    look back to see its not all bad
    take care of you're pad love mom and dad
    love and maintain you're fam wife and son
    watch the sun bless my earth cause there work is never done
    eye peeled cause even the moon has a darkside
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    Ay yo,
    perform miracles of the spiritual oblivious of your ridicule
    god particle in every molecule
    length of my brain waves incalculable depth
    impossible to reach my altitude where all energy is consumed
    and transformed into a positive charge
    permanently installed in the kingdom of god
    cant decipher the cipher
    centered to disseminate all the knowledge i've acquired
    with discipline and diligence inheritance of a divine intelligence
    sediments of harmonious elements
    knowledge wisdom and understanding everything else is irrelevant
    in the basic instructions before leaving earth is evidence
    honor thine covenant and the two commandments

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