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Thread: Above The Chosen One

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    frequently my frequency travels light years at warp speed/hyper velocity high intensity rap thug theologian ghetto philanthropist switch mode psychotic flip/automatics trip fanatic with cannons powder keg lead splashing/blaze on sight fuck clashing no piece the blade slashing your face/step out of line or find your place/from the green dreams are made stay on my chase/wont let up the pace runaway tractor trailer with no brakes/heat off safety one in the chamber no slowing down now fast lane born in the game/example of a full life lived lost less than what I gained dealing with strains/many estranged faces are now just strangers with names at one time used to be tight type to lay down my life for one in the same ride for me in times of war/parted ways different routes chose stayed true to my roots hella opposite from the way I was raised/loyal to my big homie major connect my job is to slang all for the bank/family ties drove me to rise sugs fly when intuition unfolds the drama fortold/

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    so many lives ive seen end gone like the wind some died from they sin/most where just kids fucken babies simple miracle the age I reached/survived inside the penn. my first rodeo thou cant say only hope its my last/dont wanna catch a gun blast like the ones I witnessed get tagged no longer sad but it still gets to me/silk screen and car washes for the r.i.p.'s/issues of dope court orders and warrants served report to a p.o. just to remain on the outs/stay on my toes while narcotics task force searches my house/no legit job black listed so nine to five is out of the question/pack a nine and a four five fuck stressing yall can keep guessing im a carry on my career in this gangster profession/clairvoyant perceive preminitions through employment of my third eye see through a snake guy devil in disguise/guide the righteous defend the skies where the angels fly/devoted to fight till my demise thats when I rise like jesus kingly saint priesthood master as much knowledge understood in one life time/life and times observed from an hour glass made it passed a crooked path and destructive past/move full blast yall slack just drags left stagnant from the jet lag like a jag fast I fill my note pad............

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    new physics for mind freeing black sun time is freezing/new angle on life im seeing shine light through the wormhole like morgan freeman/triangle eyes everywhere empty souls roam the streets with cold stares/to early for the pearly gates mind state of central banker spill flows like an oil tanker/true to my guns its hell on you rankers/conscience unparalleled in dimension words for the common wealth of my people delivered in a message of pure essence/restless relentless goals build roads that lead to gold/follow scrolls wrote by the wise newest to old/divine geometry galactic generator of dark matter intelligent creator ABOVE philosophers stone engraver..................

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    ^....like a forced enslaver play'n the crack raider sharp's shooter, dokie scooter called your 'whip' but less cooler. blacker than a free mason named manson chill'n in a mansion, drowned dead with my decoded tattoo's in the shallow waters of your mental expansion. never read a "Martian time slip" if you want to live and give scientifical advice, the madness can cause you to kill with any primitive mental idioiogical device.
    "white crane style"

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    Postcards fighting for scraps ghost God appear periodic/pussy cat in the lab throwing jabs gets smashed/fortified for combat defy mental attacks of the wack/wise men acknowledge knowledge bomb furious rapid advancements/ambush rooks gone against the book written/priceless artifacts weak minded fools can't handle that/velocity of a monster philosophy deep waters shark infested yet a reckless killa stay active/still street life rep fully mother suckers die wanna test this/

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    Quote Originally Posted by -ABOVE View Post
    sentient being cloaked in divine garments
    god orb viewing's remote as above so below stop starving
    transcend to the realm of the universal architect as my face contorts
    ultra magnetic reports son shine brilliance lines meridian
    free energy build or destroy the choice is yours star outlast millennia
    transmigration of souls gravitate wisdom the source of my radiation


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    Default reappear

    Above for the one five time revives the cosmic light/
    Blessed to have survived grateful I'm still alive streets is no jive/
    Graceful moves transition from dark to light/
    The risk is high put up a fight refused to lose in life/
    Fire ignites like rockets when I write with my third eye/
    Designed to provide insight recite wisdom terra-form words from visions/
    Left behind glyphs of gifted inscriptions monuments is digital/
    Signal tribes of astronomical times absorb cosmic knowledge of our fathers/
    Keepers of the universe reverse technology of the sacred/
    Mind generates energy like a power grid meditate within the matrix of a pyramid/
    Futuristic rhyme mystic linguistics of the spirits when I spit it/
    The flows roam like wise souls down the same road/
    The scrolls in my rhyme books are strong as a brothers bond/
    Bomb for my brothers holding down a solid structure build mass to defend my scriptures/
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    A to the B-O to the V-E

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    Shot out to all my bretheren here we go on the flow again/
    I'm a real g you just a simpleton fuckin square above dominate the lair/
    Spit dragon flares out my nastrals a fucking apostle destine to prosper/
    Fuck your sorrows souls hollowed above be thy name countless flows spit in vain/
    Many follow false names waiting on game have you no shame/
    Still study the scriptures looking at mars earth magnet of gods/
    black holes planets and stars still fighting and the struggle is hard/
    No question keeping the faith strong except now no longer fucking with chards/
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    fifth sun blazing captured in amazement no containment to my style like fukashima radiation
    every creation making statements in societies filled with false realities that got your mind stuffed inside a microchip
    and mother earths a spaceship who souls get sold into a lifetime of enslavement where lives are used as payments
    and minimum wage will send you straight to the grave pits man aint getting no richer and still on some snake shit
    learn how to trade and barter for goods we must eradicate paper money in order to control our own lively-hoodz

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    Solar wind mind spins cyber web formats digital
    Thinking is critical danger zone stone wall inscriptions spiritual
    Mystical essence flourish my method perplex my pressence
    divine splendidness time is my nemesis nonsense is recklessness
    Pricise motion calculate well the rotation of my orbit
    Calibrate my focal point ultra magnetic joints innovate the scene
    Smoke screen provide cover attack teams verse modified like ar 15's
    Street regime tolerate not a dam thing hit you with them thangs for fronting
    Fronting like your knowledge is tight text book worms squirm when it comes to spitting styles freely
    Wishing you had a geenie I keep my brain warm like a beenie
    Fortify realms continue to conquer bang on the eye cause me at the top is all I see
    yo sledge hammer your cap stone cause with my gat I like to peel caps stoned
    Lyrical artisan in this new age renaissance hold power like a bankster
    No rest only hard work and dedication yeah homie u got mad skills but u can't get paid being a street philosopher
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    Follow legacy with no therapy frequently my frequency is on
    Create velocity fuck light programmed to win in the the system play my part politicking
    Always thinking steps ahead of the rest
    West coasting above the one chosen above dominate factions plus yo sector b.
    G in social media trend
    send my shit direct fuck a PayPal partnah
    A fucking martyr barter souls propose a new philosophy on a fellowship and my the theology is intended to leave the mind bended
    Strict reality no conspiracy theories here bust shots at yo atmosphere
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    Yeah we militant blood ink we spilling it warrior spitting shit
    Empty clips an reload equipped wit 50 cal. riffles that rival those
    Trained militias fully armed manuevering bazookas and a.r.'s
    With the wisdom of a righteous soldier we speak this one's for all my gods blazing heat
    Streets is producing something unique a rare breed that inherit techniques to battle the elite
    From gangs form regimes as the resistance grows against those that wanna take guns inflate funds and keeps us blind deaf and dumb while they ensalve our sons
    More and more ground from this devil is taken as more and more awaken from staged shootings and terror drills
    Fuck prison so its shoot to kill flowing with mad skills my shit is ill cause I keep it real
    Left with no other choice but to go back to packing steal refused to be deprived of meals fuck you fake fucks naive and still sleeping

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