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Check it out, this is where my shit got fucked up. I was sleeping in my sisters room one night cuz she wasn't home. So I go to sleep, all of a sudden I wake up while I'm sleeping, and my whole body was just frozen. I didn't know wtf what was going on so I started freaking out. I was trying to call for my mom or just scream but I couldn't do shit. I waited for a while than I just woke up in cold sweats. I was young at the time so I didn't know wtf happened and I wouldn't go back to sleep for like 3 days after that.

I remember a slight whispering while this was going on, does this ring a bell for anybody?
Thats called sleep paralysis. It happens to a lot of people. My grandma used to call it "getting up before you wake up".

As far as books go, the first book by Robert Monroe on the subject is somewhat speciial to me, if only because he was just an average guy who stumbled into the experience. His later books aren't so good, but hey.