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Thread: "Hot Off Da Press" cover painting by me (oil on masonite board)

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    Default "Hot Off Da Press" cover painting by me (oil on masonite board)

    "Hot Off Da Press" is a cover painting for a commercial music release I did for Configa, a talented U.K. MC/producer & member of The Slept On Fam. Listen to his music at www.configa.com, it's a good example of traditional, classic hip hop sound coming from a current artist.

    My idea for this painting was to have a striking, attractive image that represented subtle elements of hip hop, but also illustrated the idea of heat and press manufacturing. I think the final result turned out to be an interesting, creative image which is original to the history of hip hop cover art imagery.

    Coming up with an idea and composition was the easier, more fun part of working on the art, I struggled a little in the beginning stages of the painting process because I am not as proficient in oil as I am in dry media such as pencil and pen. I'm glad I took the challenge to do the best I could using oil though, it was a learning process I needed. I have to thank Configa for his patience and inspiration in working with me to follow through and finish with good results.

    Medium: Oil on masonite board with digital color in Photoshop.

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    nice work on the hand
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