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Thread: official diss iniquity thread .

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    Default official diss iniquity thread .

    16 bars max .

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    iniquity, welcome 2 the real badlands
    all judgment is clouded.... my earth been smoked out
    through the clenched mandibles, utter injustices
    a rap king? or hallowed spirit lacking substances
    to the gallows weather captain or ranking officer
    darkwater octopus shallow android swashbuckler
    7 sea marauders search for the den of evil
    find a light skinned people,
    dont you claim to have the darkest complexion?
    the farthest misconception,
    I'm planetary travel, you simply space flux detection
    ted danson as capt. hamill, RUNNING OUT OF AMMO
    medics with no morphine, dusk til dawn, you got me wrong
    lay there all night long, hark wars endless song
    in the bloody trenches, all offensive
    leaves you defenseless, so pretentious
    forgot to dress your wounds, menes reap infection

    god damn i hate iniquity

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    im slammin' iniquity..maximum damage inflicted
    gas cannister cannons blastin ya cabbage to bits kid
    cant manage this misfit, rogue soldier with cold shoulders
    'cept for the chrome toasters they hold in smolderin' holsters
    i keeps it hot like grow spots, exceeding unknown watts
    like heated high pressure sodium bulbs... im gon pop
    'n iniquity's gon drop.. jus like a breaking news story
    stripped his crew to bare ass, now he's spankin 'em blue for me
    it's makin' the dude horny.. what a faggot for real
    king's keepin these fiends hungry as i package the meal
    packin steel.. i sneak up on you from the back 'n i peel
    after the deal.. burry you next to the strap in a field
    the only act that i feel.. cuz im mostly emotionless
    my flows corrosivness drags you from the coast to the ocean depths
    where the fishes are quick to make a home of your open chest
    separating your bones 'n flesh as your owned like a chosen pet

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    nice, hahahahahaha .

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