Comin out a corner swingin n shootin,pillagin lootin/harder than the steel in the tip of my boot'n/the mental hit you like a brick from the top of the roof'n/just to keep provin the theory or sir isaac newton/everything falls down,i quake till I crack the ground/watchin the mold crumble while I'm grabbin the pound/invadin the mental heavy when I clap@ya crown/becuz the cypher stay complete then we attack n surround/prepare for opposing deception,wreckin with scripted weapons/the blood is in my pen I'm releasin verbal injections/seepin thu ya lifestream until its cardiac arrestin/my odyssey was born through the immaculate conception/no pops to my linguistics so I speak what I like/realistic cannibalistic so I eat what I like/dwellin in the darkest corners but I speak from the light/regular street cat...but I'm a fuckin beast on the mic/

damn fam this whole piece was fire nice darts keep elevating..