This is a joint i spit over an ern dawgy collabo

rocknrolla controlla,with lirica cabrona/big swollen up bolas,getting up in your cola/the four pound chroma canona upside ya chola/volandote las nolas,toma pa que no joda/bin rhymin been rhymin,hurricane wind chimin/been shinin,spit diamonds,been four fif linin/ rock trax with perfect timing,murk a verse the perfect crimin/niggas scared to test the god,straight vaginin,break ya hymen/the henny blak guzzler lirical raw hustla/bigga dog muzzler,triple my strength muscler/head bussa,pussy nigga gold chain tuckin up/niggas love us in silence but they hate it when we come around/scared to speak they mind cuz they know we keep the fukin pounds/rawest niggas from here all the way to your fukin town/dont exaggerate when i say that we rule the underground/