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Thread: Your worst run in with the law

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    Default Your worst run in with the law

    mine was probably a possible stolen gun charge.....me and this kid stole a gun from sum1s house he was in my hood....and we was cool from years back so i let him stay at my house.......but anywayz we stole the gun..........and then the nextday....we heard sum1 ratted us out........so we layed low........and the next day my boy left for home with the gun........b4 the coppers came over my pad harassin me and shit....sayin we will give you a week to get the gun back........but i didnt have it and my boy wound up sellin it for 1 g..........sum how i got off.....and now he's in trouble.........and he thinx that i'm the 1 who ratted him out.......when it was a friend of the kid we stole it from who knew we had it........

    anywayz....if i was charged it was a possible 10 years.......i heard they didnt have anythin on my boy so he's aight now but.....shit...that was a close 1

    so what are ya'lls worst run ins with the long arm of the law???
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    Default Re: Your worst run in with the law

    I pissed on a cop car that was parked on the side of gas station. I didn't know he was in the car because of how gone I was. He flew out of the car with gun drawn but I kept pissing

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