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Are the real Muslims those people 'protesting' by vandalizing things and issuing death threats over the youtube movie denigrating Muhammad?

Why do some "Muslims" call themselves Shia, Sunni, Wahabbi, Salafi, etc. when the Prophets and Messengers are not recorded as calling themselves those things. The translation of Quran reads, "do not divide into sects", so are those "Muslims" following the Quran?

Where in the Quran must women wear curtain-like outfits and men grow beards longer than a closed fist?

Where is in the Quran the practice of male circumcision and female genital mutilation?

Look at any "Muslim Country" online and you can see that most of those countries lack basic human rights more than many non-Muslim countries.
There are sects in Islam for the same reason that there are sects in every other religion. Not everyone is going to follow the message. Do you KNOW how to think critically?

The way of dress is indicative of the culture not just the religion.

To look at "Any" Muslim Country is saying that they all have qualities that "lack human rights more than any non-Muslim contries." So, how do you say, "most of those countries" when you've clearly labelling all of them with the same tag.

Here's where YOU stand, you're biased, you can't seem to think or type straight and you don't know an iota about what you're talking about. You're sounding like a closet Zionist to be perfectly honest.