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Thread: VOTES NEEDED Valkis Vs Dusk

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    Watch that grindtime shit. You have guys who arent even rappers absolutley killing the thing. Dirtbag Dan has absolutley no lyricism and still makes a killing. I do agree that lyricism and flow are good factors to have, but come on, a verse without punches is waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than a verse without good lyrics. Punches > All in a battle. I'm not saying that you don't have any, I won't sway like that, but the voters seem to be voting on that, or just not understanding my shit, which is why Id want the next voter to do a bar by bar and explain my verse as proof of knowledge.

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    valkis got this hands down. imo dusk's lines were way too lazy and simple.

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    Fuck off Dusk, your making me seem like a prick now haha.

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    ^Didnt read all the "explain votes" stuff eh?

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    whuy arent u cats recording on beats then uploading them when u dis...typing this shit outs pointless and proves nothing...pay the fuck attention to details

    i'll stick a rusty screwdriver in ur eye hahahhahhahahahha


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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkis View Post
    It's clear as he's typing and proving that he's taking a liking to losing,
    And what your writting is stupid, so I remove disgrace, like a final solution, *
    I render him gay and so he's like an unwanted package; I send 'um away,
    Bitch whut? It's like time's mixed up, Dusk won't emerge at the end of the day,
    Beneith me, the earth is burning, dude screams like we heard him cumming,
    Prepares to fuck and aims his but, wouldnt make the cut like a nervious surgeon,
    This man's harmless, like he's a soft paraplegic humantarian......and armless,
    A killer? Get fucking real, this guy won't touch the steel, stays from black markets, *
    He contests my anarchy? Nah Blood squirts as I wreck his arteries,
    He couldnt make me dizzy, will never see double D aside breasts and batteries.

    * Dusk Race
    * Touch the Steal
    First line is good next three line are gay & the rest is nothing special

    Dusk much better rhyme skeam but lack strong punches

    I render this battle gay. I mean a tie

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