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Peace Rakim

No offence but what you believe has no bearing on whether or not the universe, at the density level that our consciousness experiences it, is ordered. Elements are ordered in a particular way and according to particular laws so that we experience flower as a flower, a rock as a rock etc. Whether you believe in gravity or not if you jump of a cliff you fall to your death. This is the same for everyone. It's not a matter of belief.

Your question "why does there have to be a natural order" I'm not sure how to answer. Are you genuinely asking why there is natural order or is more like when a kid asks why there has to be so many rules?
but the same rules dont apply to all parts of the universe. if you look at the sub atomic level the rules are different.

so the whole universe isnt governed by the same principles. look at complementarity in physics.

now way are the rules different at smaller levels than larger levels. or is it just that we obey the rules at larger levels more easily.

how can there be a complete natural order when it isnt universal i.e. it doesnt work at all levels.