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Thread: Castillo vs Corrales II

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    Default Castillo vs Corrales II

    anybody watching this boxing ppv saturday night? For those of u who dont know the first fight took place back in May and it is for the World Lightweight Championship. The first fight was hailed as one of the greatest fights of all time. Non stop action with both guys landing heavy shots. Jose Luis Castillo knocked Diego Corrales down twice in the 10th round...after Corrales got knocked down the second time he got up and started to flurry on Castillo and caught him real good about 7 times leaving Castillo basically knocked out on his feet and the ref stopped the fight. If anyone orders a boxing ppv all year this is the one too get!!!

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    true say..

    the first fight is a classic without a doubt.. and the rematch was a given.

    i hope this fight brings the same heat as the first one... and i am trying to make a friend order the fight so that we can all watch it at his plcae
    these two cats make boxing what it is..


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    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    Princerai- man, you KNOW you can't miss this one no matter what. order that shit! it's cats like these that deserve our PPV dollars imo, not pop stars like de la Hoya. i have a feeling that this one will be just as violent as the first but i have to go with Castillo this time around. i really feel like he got fucked the first time cause Tony Weeks allowed Corrales like 20-25 seconds after he spit the mouthpiece the second time. if Chico was back up on his feet within 10 seconds he would have been dropped again and lost the fight, no doubt. i'm not knocking Chico, though...dude has brass balls. peace...

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    oh man believe me im gon def watch this one way or the other!! haha definitely!!
    and i also say castillo.. corrales did well yes.. but his antic of spitting the mouth piece out was unfair.. castillo would have jumped him and finsihed him imo as well..

    but well.. there is still a chance so this def gon be war!!

    cnt wait !!


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    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    Corrales Castillo rematch will be the greatest fight ever! I have Castillo winning by knockout

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    whattttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!1


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    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    I think corrales will win by knockout in a real good fight. hopfully it will be better than jones/tarver 3. peace

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

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    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    I called It!

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    haha yeh sergio u did!!
    so what u think?

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    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    The undercard was bought. The main event had 2 issues, first castillo did not make weight, so the dominance we saw for 4 rounds was apperant and some might SAY that the weight was in his favor, second- I feel that corrales has not recovered form the first fight and that the first fight has fucked him up. Other then that Castillo is a better fighter and he knocked him out!

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    Default Re: Castillo vs Corrales II

    ^hell yeah. Corralles lost a 14 round war in the big picture. I'm happy for Castillo because when you manipulate the rules like Chico did the first time, it's fair game. I really don't think the weight was the real issue, anyway. Corralles was going down from that hook just like he did two times in the first fight when they both "made the weight". just my opinion... that Hernandez fight was a fucking disgrace to boxing. Dwayne Ford should be shot at close range.

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