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Thread: 60 Second Assassin - Remarkable Timing

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    Default 60 Second Assassin - Remarkable Timing

    Just listening to it right now. Shawneci Icecold samples the same kung-fu sample as 'Bring Da Ruckus' on Sword Style, very nice track. Just started on MOAN, P. Sunn has an ill verse. The chorus to Fizzy Funky though is atrocious.

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    No RZA on the Warzone Remix, just a small interlude by him ala "Wu-Tang Martial Expert". Small eerie beat change on Shabazz's verse on "Cloud 9".

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    Sounds like Bronze uses the same sample for Cloud 9 as DJ Premier's/Screwball's "Seen It All"

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    No 60 Sec on "Paradise", strictly chorus help along with Kristina Green, Timbo & Priest carry the track. Similar sample on "Love Burns"...its "Hospital Prelude of Love Theme" by Willie Hutch (sampled by Havoc on "Still Shinin" and 9th Wonder "Good Ol Love")

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    Very good album!!!!!!!

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    Jesus Dead Flowers II is boring as hell...

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    are u just skipping to different tracks

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    Nope, just finished the album. Sword Style, MOAN, Clockz n Kingz, Love Burns are my favorites right now. Im trying to get into the title track, it is good but somber as well, more heartfelt type of track.

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    yeah i think masta kills that track

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    ok the shit just leaked and you're giving a twitter-like review as you listen to the album...this is absurd. don't you want to maybe... listen to it more than once and marinate on it before throwing out your opinion? this is how you end up with people saying songs are classic two days after they drop and then saying they are shit 3 months later.

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    ^well i bought this off amazon earlier this morning

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    Im not reviewing it all. I just BARELY said my favorite tracks, put some samples I recognized, who was on/who wasnt on what track. All Ive been doing is giving some more album info on it. Ill review later, the only negative shit Ive said is about the boring Dead Flowers song. Oh, M.O.A.N. is for (Mind Of An assassiN)

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    ^^^then why is this in the album reviews?

    why the fuck did they put warzone on here? so he could say he has a rza beat? albeit one of the most plain and boring rza beats ever.

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    ^^^then why is this in the album reviews?

    For others to review the album, Ill get to mine later. Im not the only one obviously who have the album now

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    And as far I can tell, War Zone doesnt really have a new beat at all except some violins during RZA's interlude.

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