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Thread: Sheepish Lord Of Chaos Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by sidious_katana View Post
    Dude other peeps dropped a verse in your thread, but when i post a verse iam spammin...whats the dealio?
    sorry sid my bad homie my mistake i over reacted son

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    Default Historic Teknical

    Ladies and Gentlemen
    You are bout to seeÖa past time hobby about to be/
    Taken to the next level by the technical one
    Highly respected in the internet forums son/
    Whether Iím Wu-Tang Corp or Canibus-Central
    I still combine like Voltron wit one body, one mind
    I break bend, enter your mental and break you expediential/
    Weaponry be darts essential to my conquest of the arts
    Knowledge born, book of five rings read/
    I represent the void aspect of all men
    Who donít have a clue of what to do then/
    Sultan of the blade razor raid cascade faster blades
    Get cha dart rendered end cha reign wit pain/
    Taken the name graphed the complexes of the game
    Chess-box opera locks knock down spots for the stocks/
    Actual facts get spoke when flows became dope
    Shook the hands of men that I didnít know in the end/
    Who would turn and become friends to fans
    Given plans capture tracks produced by the black babe ruth/
    Recoup the doe and come back to the booth wit more audio two
    Viewed on screens putting emcees in the scheme/
    While listening to Only Built 4 Cuban Links
    I ink pens when I wrote up styles like Rae had on immobilarity/
    Killing mics wit solidarity giving the public the polarity
    Thatís quite scary bury deep words beneath the surface/
    Earth this lurch this word I spit given rips versions I spit
    Flip my grammar grimy wit arms and hammers/
    Scandalized rhymes open lives shed light on those
    Whoíve been denied so you know Iím alive/

    This technical lyrical
    Armed mechanical
    Spitting English
    Giving yallÖ..
    Something to
    Speak onÖÖ
    Reach ontoÖ.
    Yall know whoÖ.
    I eat emcees likeÖ
    Fish foodÖ..
    Donít ask whoÖ.

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    seemz like you coulda been high off some bomb-ass green when you wrote this-

    that chef rae flip, and that weaponry be darts --- arts sh-t waz well worth the read fam-

    stellar penmanship 1nce again blastmatic-

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    Channel ya inner child nah mean
    Go back to the time when you was watching TV/
    Sitting down eating feasting on ya favorite cereal
    I remember a time when I used drop down in the couch/
    Slouching and all that watching Mobile Suit Gundam
    Or Voltron giving you the double entendres/
    Teams up and dreams ups like the Justice League or the Fantastic Four
    Giving your flows that iron ore making men outta molehills/
    From villains like the Joker to Smufs in the catskills
    My black builds me up like a Static Shock & Gargamel/
    Rock the clock wit bars that lighting up the charts
    Call me Richie Rich or Scrouge McDuck/
    Once I switch my luck and yell out phrases like ďBlathering BlatherskiteĒ
    Or transforming into a man of the night like Darkwing Duck/
    I Bruce Wayne you lames wit skills that ainít considered plain
    Batman you cranes as I outwit wit you Jiminy Crickets/
    Wit flows manifested so far I didnít need the J-L-A or The Thundercats
    Even those considered like Black Vulcan, Samurai & Apache Chief/
    My relief came from seeing you geeks on the streets
    Recognizing me like Final Fantasy VII or Robotech/
    My flow never needs to metrosex you unilateral emcees wit low precepts
    Coining series like Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad or VR Troopers/
    Iím bound to come hard like Kamen Riders rhyme fighters like Pit Fighter
    Or Mortal Kombat-The Series, giving you Street Fighters another writer/
    I donít need to Captain N the game master or Game Genie you weenies
    Yall lame emcees are like fat bitches in a ultra thin bikinis/
    So when I win the next tourney just know Iím like Kool Keith
    When Iím horny like Pepe Le Pew trying to get my boo like Doug/

    Be kind rewind the tape before you
    Bring it back to the store
    And renew for more views cued by the play button
    Skewed by scraps on the remote
    So if you own a VCRÖÖ
    Then ya know what I meanÖ.
    It's just that I'm ill school like that, roll them bars
    Over R&B loops like that
    Last edited by SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS; 03-13-2008 at 06:22 PM. Reason: BE KIND REWIND (OLD SCHOOL PT.2)

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    Default Open Opus

    Open opus
    Closed the books/
    Cut the check
    Take your rook/
    Hook ní shank the crooks
    Donít look too closeÖ the jokes on you/
    Viewed through cement shoes
    Screwed loose snipers on the roof/
    Now Hillary thinks itís all a political spoof
    Truth be told it was just a move from Deathstroke/
    Open lead fire toast roast pigs on a barbeque
    Camel toe hardly who scream ooh! /
    Flow jukes you outta ya shoes
    I ainít no Reggie Bush fucking a prude/
    My lines be C4 laced shoes ready to go boom
    To any boo who wants to get loose wit the goose/
    Iím the maverick like top gun before the sadness
    Wipe your tears drink some beer and open ya lips/
    I rips microphones like Hulk bashes and smashes
    Cash in the blaster faster than kids fasting/
    Raster imposter throw darts allot of vagina
    More the miner like hollows and Drano/
    I go Destro Mťxico check the techs yo
    I flex my muscular dystrophy wit forbidden mysteries/
    Once I found out I was diabetic I had to get all kinetic
    And kill these mics wit more ascetics than antiseptics/
    Check the leverage I come at cha head wit
    I got the blarney stone hardly home/
    Chrome dome joke ya self to sleep
    I come back as the next DOOM you better make room/

    This is the villain
    Illing off the skillets
    Killing flows so brilliant
    Yall know who it is

    Drive the ball to the hoop Catch cha off guard/
    Leave you sampled wit technical arch bold
    Sharks flow through your tank so well/
    They ate cha eggs lose feeling in your legs
    Drudge report flow off the court so whatís their too report/
    Open traps wit zips, zams, zooms and zaps
    Now itís all on knots landing
    When Iím skimming through her tits for scamming/
    Now is that any way to come up to a manning
    While Iím handling her wit more pipes she couldnít have a gripe with/
    To say itís a gift and a curse like Jay-Zís album was
    Then nerds all over the earth and can curse and say it was/
    Off the hook the hood doesnít the artist I know
    They ainít heard of MF DOOM or Canibus/
    They rather take their rust over some dust
    When these wack cats got bust like bras and panties we lust/
    Thrust our preverbal dicks too some quick sluts
    Thinking we gonna get a nut off or too/
    I can view wit skills out of your range
    Sing the song again and youíll get damaged like Pacmanís rookie year/

    This is the villain
    Illing off the skillets
    Killing flows so brilliant
    Yall know who it is

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    Default Good Evening (a Rewrite Of Kanye's Good Morning)

    Good evening Ö.
    And look at the dictation you jotted down
    I take lines in tow trying grow plants out dead weeds/
    Now you can exceed reading the paper
    Looking at the latest valedictorian from which high school or college/
    And still feel left out without a doubt in the world but cha legs begin to curl
    Feeling the urge to yell and hurl so now you trying to rewind/
    But cha canít even get the nerve up
    like Doc Brown to jump in the DeLorean
    So rather give it up to Marty McFly and let him take the reigns/
    It pains you when you get a notice from the future
    Disillusioned by the collusion confused by the confusion/
    Now isnít that amusing when your still getting abused
    By your label, by your friends,by your family now ask your self is it amusing/
    Now you saying no it isnít so why should our kids have too put up wit it
    Give it a rest already and stop being hypocrites

    spitting all this convincing bullshit/

    Good Evening {repeat 4X*}

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    Default Magnifcentech

    Yo hip hop be hectic as the gods on Mount Olympus
    Tell those that centric to send Tech if he canít send Tech, then send Blasta/
    Techwon, magnificent evident wit lyrical content
    Specific to sporadic sources, cutting down the conscious of rap/
    If you got a sword then you better cut and scratch
    Rather attack to track wit lyrics, paint graffiti on the wall/
    Picturing murals to hieroglyphics to the pyramids of Egypt
    I rip and eat this like savages did deer liver, I kill mics wit a sharp pen quiver/
    Leave sliver of my DNA around to be cloned by the government
    Onmipoint unimposing special utilities murdering beats
    Tracked by pros wit exclusive mixing tools/
    Cued by the view only a few can skew
    Musical notes buried mental quotes statisticians couldnít come close
    Doped up technical specs uploaded to your CD and tape decks/
    Eject cha mind into play list conducted by the fluid in ya spine
    Regurgitate the information when the fluid is coagulated/

    You live by the gun, you die by the gun
    If it lives, and writes rhymes n lines then I can kill it
    (Repeat 4 xs)

    I rhyme; I scramble, and handle beats like weights I lift
    Gifted graphed exoskeletons to my skeletal system/
    Enhance the wisdom coming wit logic defined by third eye thoughts
    Illuminati mentality few fought and fewer bought/
    Caught cha off guard hit cha hard M16 machine demonize
    Granite hammer head cha body into crumbs of bones/
    Take the sharps and throw them often like darts
    Sand dunes bask in the view skewed by winds I used/
    Covering my tracks wit back hacks and zap packs
    Map raps out metric scales to being proficient in brail
    Leave you sucker emcees frail so you canít hurl and wail punches at me/
    Battle MCís like Afghans, Chinese and Nazis now I come back from the struggle
    And run laps like the fastest man alive thriving off adrenaline alone/

    You live by the gun, you die by the gun
    If it lives, and writes rhymes n lines then I can kill it
    (Repeat 4 xs)

    Cook your goose, fuse your synapse together
    Causing pain and pleasure wit simple receptors/
    Measure the templates wit ionized density plates
    Crate grabbers havoc hackers rap wizards
    Cook ya gizzards like the livers of lizards/
    Off wit cha head, deaded medics wit headaches caused by crittics
    Triggered by sonic frequencies only dogs can hear by an iPod Nano/
    Making me too tough to handle like gladiators and soldiers
    Prey like a mantis when Iím surfacing like the lost city of Atlantis/
    Covering the canvas wit scattered categories actively seeking silent glory
    Untold stories until I get to the brilliant age of forty wit my little shorty
    Telling my stories wit third persons point of view/

    You live by the gun, you die by the gun
    If it lives, and writes rhymes n lines then I can kill it
    (Repeat 4 xs)

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    Default You Better

    My mind is designed like rivers and Egyptian pyramids
    When you walk through my temple youíll see pleasure and pain/
    Taken various names enshrined armed minds wit spikes and arrows
    Cut you down quick like a sparrow after the harlots sing ballads/
    You see coffins and caskets after mathematics and ledgers
    Feel the fair to bad weather after you see my face next to the tether/
    Placed above books binded in leather and papers filed next to folders
    Swords and switch blades, axes and AKís now that weapons Iíve mentally made/
    Crash through my mindís museum youíll see parallel wit different things
    I tend to excel shelling tactics, people and other things featured/
    My memories arenít just behind glass or concrete
    Theyíre open vaulted held up vases placed in cases facing the open air/
    Shackle you rappers who are easily baffled by science and technology
    You couldnít decode my flow let alone know how to operate an iPhone/
    My flow is full blown rather than glitchy and sparsely duplicated
    Iím educated like Clark Kent before he became Superman/
    Iím educated like Bill Clinton before he became president
    So whenever you criticize you better exercise caution
    Before you gone like the wind like Scarlet OíHara/

    This is rhymes ionized before they were executed
    So whenever you decide to repute it
    You better compute itÖ.
    You better reboot itÖ.
    You better review it
    You better reuse it

    Understandable bars newspaper scars cut cha rhymes down to lines
    Youíll soon find no substance within and nothing but disposable music/
    Donít misuse the culture you pillage and vulture
    Once youíve rummage the cupboards donít think there nothing above it/
    I relived my life through the eyes of those whose been by my side
    My shelves ainít even bare or empty their just hidden wit plenty/
    Open bars shark bites reveal swords sharp as Excalibur
    Now Iím the ravage gardener hold cha shit while I spark it up/
    From liquid metal to slick Sassoon grease Iím a beast for the ages
    Flow wit the dope heads from the 80ís to the freaks of the 90ís/
    Now Iím the grimy slick lyrical talker wit skills like a b-baller
    Provision rhyme hawker flow settler now your just a dope peddler/
    After rapping I can go back to just sitting and napping
    Before I go back to scratching and macking/

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    Default Lyrical Poetry

    Open the gates whether pearly or black
    Run tell that, flows are raps/
    As I backpack it back to the valley
    Making me Dizzy never Gillespie/
    My spits be acid now you see me
    But cha eyes are now longer here gone similar to Agent Orange/
    Once youíve seen ya fam die from booby traps and mines
    Operating taken faces rename myself something other than just another replacement/
    My A.I is flows that ainít real or exact similar to any flick by Stanley Kubrick
    Now we got War Games without any Matthew Broadrick/
    I come wit skills out witting Hal without any Paypal
    My bars gel wit storms that winds excelling/
    On the warpath extreme forecast national actual facts
    Trash your trailers from tornados and hurricanes/
    Touching land is Mother Natureís ace in the hole
    Bold shoulder block canít clock the cold front/
    Stole huts from the natives behaving like a rapist
    Terrorist, you name it weíve claimed it/
    Its America people now weíre going global
    In this new frontier start cha car and put it in first gear/
    Shift backwards now the government hack minds like Jean Gray
    Professing claims of the same damn thing/
    But theyíre fear you when youíre walking around wit an open container
    Propane flow drainer making games out riots and revolution/
    Never coming to that absolute conclusion that cha gotta live the evolution
    Confusing ainít it we can proclaim it or distain from it/
    We can make war not love, we can hate or debate
    Itís the chances you and I gotta take/
    Faking the breaks making these Hip-Hop fiends come alive and awake
    We need to riot like the í94 L-A Riots was/
    Even if we get arrested we gotta address it
    Fuck a confession we gotta combust and give them this blessing/
    Murderers donít get away wit a fifty shot regime
    Without recognizing its wrong in the 1st place/
    Coming back to life after you press continue on the start menu
    Open letter cd to cassette to MP3 to DVD weíre all digital overly critical/
    Fuck a miracle I got the means to make the incision yo
    Never gained my doctorate but I have been mad tolerant/
    Now we either gotta go extreme or bring out the next regime
    We canít keep having the same old corrupt means in Washington DC/

    This is Lyrical Poetry notice me
    Openly express my feelings on any subject matter
    Nah Mean, this is Lyrical Poetry notice me
    (Repeat 5X)

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    Gravity action packed stifling trifling
    I’m always Michelin while y’all are cycling/
    River wrote flows dope enough to show and prove ya know
    Dorm Mack y’all know what I study aight/
    Flow fire retire dwelling in cinderblocks
    Opposite of molten lava cold crush you before yonder/
    Offer guidance rhyme a riddance my mind remains silent
    Often violent when I’m retiring hitters when I’m on the mound/
    Neither ground cha fellow people nor never consider me an equal
    I’m a man apart deathly with the hollows in my heart/
    Undead crept swords cut cha like radioactive isotopes
    Educating others wit solider be friend my brothers and sisters/
    Ever notice a spitter is quiet until he starts ripping gripping
    The pen wit wisdom arcane to anything considered acclaim/
    Taken a name gravity polar opposite shoulder pops too it
    Now you view sling slung ring bells that already rung/
    Hold cha dart too yourself if you ain’t got Nathan say
    Don’t say Jason I break weaponry over any emcee/

    We got flows that never say ayyo
    We got darts that never say no
    We got sharks that are ready bite
    We got swords that are ready to cut
    We got hearts that never flutter

    Open acropolis my lines be navigating through your metropolis
    Now you can view it on TV screen all through the U-S-A nah mean/
    Gripping pen relatively necessary to bury my competition
    Wicked driven sin city living darts your missing/
    Given graphic arts penning charts bible talks
    Cancerous flows open know-how’s and glows/
    Give me plants that I can grow in the see of hope
    My flow is soaked the river of the Nile before you got wild/
    I carry my sword and shield wit the cheerleader squad getting it hard
    Throwing my pitches like Satchel Page and Dwight Gooden/
    Emcees are nothing but sticks and stones
    And they already got they bones broken/
    Lines are loaded wit sounds I saw that looked golden
    Proven never I was loosing when I was proven like Jacob before he was chosen/
    Broken blades chalked it to total ignorance infinite wit no relevance
    Emcees stay catering to the industry’s needs and not knowledge 4 the seeds/
    Shoto-khan weaponry zooted arms cameras don visuals wit imperial nature
    Making me flashing quicker than Kodak do so you view me in a panoramic view/
    Don’t get cha view skewed by blind eyes realize the TV isn’t your guide
    It’s your life live it like you want to just uphold views those you use/

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    Default Remember Me (a Freestyle To The Same Eminem Track)

    Remember me? ("Rip N Raw")
    Remember me? ("Hit eím hard")
    Remember me? ("Iím Mr. Mike Psycho aka Mr. Unlike No Other Emcee")
    Remember me? ("I'm Techno")

    Fuck off when the sawed off goes off
    Iím hard wit the mosltov on cock ready to rock/
    Bust more nutts in more chickens than farm full of sluts
    Than what goes cluck in 2 Olí clock in the afternoon/
    Take a shit on these emcees quicker
    than liqour that fucks you up quicker/
    Now you trying spit at me
    wit no skills or a latch key/
    Iím the next batch G exhasterbated
    Iím exhausted and irate wit creativity in me/
    Next to rep ever to set it up motorcades
    X-ray van sweaps lyrical creeps after I teach/
    Donít cha even front like ďGangster rap made cha do itĒ
    I say fuck ďCharleston HestonĒ and his NRA weapons/
    Iím checking into hotels where the lobbiest canít even spell
    Yell at the top of my lungs when theyíre hearing guns/
    I run through the cipher wit a multitude of rhymes
    That melt the stratuspshere after I drink a shit load of beer/
    Iím off the hook claiming victims like The Manson Murders
    Verbally narcopletic when ever Iím spitting these antasepctics/
    Ripping mics settling shit when ever these other emcees decide to quit
    Flip a coin I used to flip on schedule like chick on her period/
    Now Iím too busy busting out psychocemetic lines to HULK UP!
    When ever these muscle bound suckers emcees wanna BULK UP/
    Iím back on my psychopathic psychotic shit spitting locomotive lyrics
    Coming at these TRL rappers wit lyrical styles that should have been tactics/
    Now Iím past the point of no return like the fire that just burned
    At Universal Studios Iím ruining you like MTVís The Real World/

    Remember me? ("Rip N Raw")
    Remember me? ("Hit eím hard")
    Remember me? ("Iím Mr. Mike Psycho aka Mr. Unlike No Other Emcee")
    Remember me? ("I'm Techno")

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    Damn sheepish nice kollage of lyrics you got fam!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Some serious vocabs going on son. Keep it true.

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    How do you want it lyrical, soft or sarcastic?
    My spits aren’t rubber or plastic their straight metallic/
    Like the darts I throw crooked look at cha book it
    Anytime you read the name Sheep, Tech, or Chaos
    You’ll see the name “ODDS” next to all of them/
    I’m the sick semi automatic when I’m authoring flows
    That’s crazy pyrotechnic ultra magnetic when it’s all kinetic/
    Dropping bombs on them when I’m armed wit Viacom
    Killing you without the normal slang I usually bangs with/
    Spit wit the intensity most can’t even explain my sanity
    Running rambunctious slowly glowing throwing out plutonium/
    Break them down like genetics making them easily pathetic
    Out cha like Gaylord in the closet my sparks be ominous
    Rhyming dominant when ever I earth quake it like Fat Man on vacation/
    Now you want to try n get down wit the crowd
    Likes that’s the proudest thing you can do/
    If you want to be on “The View”
    You’ll have to cry like “Elizabeth Hassleback” do/
    Cuz I’m going too “Whoopie Goldberg” your ass
    Quicker than the check you can cash/
    I’m out in a flash crash through the minds of the week
    Leave you shattered like glass windows on display/
    I am that “Hostile” when I SNAP, CRACKLE & POP!
    You’ll be shocked your heart will fluxgate into RED ALERT/
    You’ll need lil aliens inside you to bring you back like “MEET DAVE”
    So when you got skills I’ll make a purchase and steal all your rhymes in an instance/

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