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Thread: NaS - "Deja Vu" (1994) [No DJ/HQ]

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    Quote Originally Posted by THE GENIUS View Post

    Don't know if this is a good one but try it. I don't think the track was ever mixed properly.

    Even though the thread is old lmao @ those who are so sure of themselves that Nas during Illmatic is the greatest rapper and 2Pac being the best there was.
    Nah that has the DJ tags haha; thanks though. I ripped the best quality version I could find on Youtube.

    That whole "2Pac is/was the greatest" is SO TIRED to me. The man has been dead for 17 years, but some cats act like no one ill has dropped since his passing.

    And for me its always been It Was Written>Illmatic. But I'm a fan of Nas' whole catalog, he's one of the few cats that has stayed consistent his entire career.

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    Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

    Goddammit. Somebody re up this shit.

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    i'm re-upping now.. to those who were saying stuff like "i thought i had a HQ version of this somewhere", etc.. this is the best verison you ever gonna hear of "Deja Vu" UNLESS Sony decides to release a "Lost Tapes II" or something and master stuff like this. but this is from the original acetate, so it's not mixed. but it's the closest thing, had it just been mixed it would have been ready to go on a record.


    now about Chris story, i believe every word of what he said.. this is more liekly from early 1995, right when Nas started thinking about a sophomore album and recorded songs like this an "Understanding" (prod. by Large Professor). once he met Steve Stoute he got him to change his style of music to sell more copies which is really nothing wrong.. "It Was Written" is one of the best albums ever, it could have been (just slightly) better, but from especially a lyrical poinnt of view it might even be the best. about Reawon saying he wrote two verses, one of them being "Deja Vu / Verbal Intercourse", Nas could have listened to the beat, realized he could start it off the same way as the joint he had just recorded and as the beat kept running he just kept writing out the entire verse

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    Thanks! MUCH appreciated.

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