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Thread: RZA & Wu Logo

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    Post Ironman GFK Album Cover portrait

    I drew this in suspension room back when i was 14. Ironman Cover.
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    Unhappy Poetic RIP Gravediggaz!!!

    A true original style nobody can ever replace for my man gribbles.RIP. i wish the portrait was as good as his emceein was
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    its a great one

    keep it real man

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    Yo thanks for bring in it up for view. big UPs to Drunken Monk! peace

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    Exclamation Razah Rubies

    Yo Everyone Keep Razah in ya thoughts n prayers while he recoverin right now. Get Well Razah! We NEED YOU! peace!! here's The Pencil/paper collection - Hell Razah. AFTRLFE
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    u got skillz man !

    nice one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afterlife View Post
    Yo thanks for bring in it up for view. big UPs to Drunken Monk! peace
    big ups to u fam

    its whatz the forum needz pple like u

    bring da real wu love.

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    Default by the talented AfterLife

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    thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! thanks drunken monk for the img/code info!

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    allah bleessed u

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    Default RZA & Wu Logo

    Repost For those who couldnt see the attachments. Thnx 2 Drunken Monk!

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    Default Poetic of Gravediggaz

    repost w/out attachment

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    Default Ironman GFK Cover

    did this in suspension room in high school back in the day

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    nice why you swap cappa for raphael saadiq though?

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    Default Hell Razah

    Portrait of Hell Razah. Get well Razah!

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