If the Black man is GOD, maker of the white race who has for the last few thousand years, dominated, enslaved, tricked and made the black man look like a fool, does that mean GOD is a lazy, spineless bitch?

And when the Black Man professes to be the TRUE Egyptians you use common sense and say...hey if you are the true Egyptians that means you enslaved the Jews, but complain when you were enslaved. Their excuse is that is a made up story, and the fact that the blacks in africa sold their own people to the colonists is a made up story, do you think New JAck City is a made up story? BC Nino Brown was a bad motherfucka but he turned out to not really be his brother's keeper. And Pookie liked crack. So did that really happen bc the white man made them like that or did that not happen bc they were being bad to black people too? And why is Ice-T always playing a cop? Is that a hidden meaning by the Illuminati that even black resistance is a controlled and made up play to fool the masses, seperating white and black so those in power can control both?

And why was it that Jews throughout history were persecuted and enslaved, and slaughtered more than anyone but at one time the whole NBA was dominated by Jews? Does that mean struggle leads to America which leads to opportunity, which lead to basketball, which leads to accounting? Will blacks be the new dominant force in accounting in years to come? And does Ebonics translate to numerals?

And in dealing with ebonics, there are and endless amount of Asians(chinese, japanese, korean, vietnamese) that come to America not only dirt poor but not even able to speak the language yet. And they thrive and become successful. There are a lot that even become small business owners and are looked on as racists by black people bc these Asians do something horrible...they stereotype and are overprotective about someone staeling their inventory. When asked why Asiana can come to America with no money and not even speak the language and thrive, not only is the excuse that racism is only reserved for the black man but that the slang some black people use is such a crutch that it should be considered a whole different language and is the reason black children dont do well in the racist schools.

Is the black man in America really the most persecuted man ever? Or have they been coddled so much and been told "it's ok honey its not your fault", that they learn learned helplessness and do nothing to better themselves(hard work......YIKES!!!!!!!!). SO instead they make up silly beliefs and philosophies that are even sillier than the accepted staus quo religions and philosophies, that say of course that they are the center of the universe. And of course the only places they argue this is on hip hop message boards where they can think they are intelligent and paraphrase and quote silly books and websites that sound so intellectual to silly minded fools,to young, ignorant, impressionable, socially akward white kids. And why is it that there is pride that the only people that really follow and are impressed by this whining culture are the aforementioned whiteboys who once they actually go outside and see a girl naked, grow out of said silly fad.

Is the Black man GOD? Or is it just Silly black man, brains are for caucasions, nice rims tho, yo'.

Will it ever be time to look in the mirror and say, "ya know what, everyone's been persecuted and fucked with. Some less than others, some more than others. The only way anyone's overcome it is hard work." Oh know, those two words again.