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Thread: Search for the next 9 Generals

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    To understand the validity of the competition you should know it is being implemented by Wu Tang Management which is owned by John "Mook" Gibbons. You may want to overstand his position in Wu Tang's history and his relation to Rza before you continue your scrutiny.

    U God was originally confirmed as judge and was unable to make the first audition. He has recently made some comments that would suggest he doesnt support it but he was very much involved and acknowledges the competition as authentic! The truth is just like anything involving the W there are differences of view yet the acknowledge this as something that was in planning many years before this became public.

    I in noway profit from this. My greatest reward is being apart of something that can and will be historic on many levels. One of the main objectives of this project is to revive hip hop and bring it back to its natural essence. Once again its not about creating "another Wu Tang". Most of you will sit behind your computer screens and scutinize yet make no contribution to furthering this art form you claim to represent.

    Wu Tang Management as a company has not profit from this competition and has actually used its own resources to facilitate the project thus far. The $23.50 Registration fee is merely to cover administrative requirements on the back end.

    I noticed someone went at length to post up one of the wackest contestants they can find, but Im sure if they had a neutral view on this they would have found many of the more talented artists to highlight here. Which is the point of this competition in full and that is to bring real talent to the forefront of music once again...Pay attention and stay focused people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justis Hype View Post
    I feel those of you that have a negative outlook on this. Fact is most of you dont have all the information on the project and think its a commercial way of trying to create another Wu. I would be pissed too if i thought that was the case. The thought of there being another Wu is ridiculous in itself considering the immediate groups endorsed by the W neva came even close to recreating the energy of the generals. If anything I encourage true supporters of real hip hop to keep there eyes on this as it is guaranteed to produce alot of talent which is exactly what is missin from the music.

    You've got to admit, the title of the competition leads you to believe only one thing. What would you expect people to think this is?

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    HAHA this muhfucka fronting and i knew it - wu tang wants NOTHING to do with this. dont give me that wu tang management shit - they arent wu tang as much as u want them to be. and dont assume people arent part of the hip hop culture - i been making beats and recording with local artists for a minute

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    $23.50 to register before. it's $85 at the door... have fun fleecing the fans out of their cash. at least they get to feel like they were stars for a second...

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    is wu-tang management still managing wu-tang clan?

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    I don't know, but these two separate entities shouldn't be doing business separately. If wu-tang management is performing poorly, the company should be disbanded by the wu, or the staff should be fired before rehiring from scratch.

    Imagine a wu-tang management handling female pop culture singers.. uh, no.
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    i hope you die tonight faggit.

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    Just gettin an oppportunity to pass thru and take a look at some of the responses here...All I will say is there are a few of you that are grossly misguided. Wish I had time to go into all the details as to some of the comments that were worth replyin to.. Know this..Wu Management CEO John "Mook" Gibbons, which also happens to be RZA's cousin has made it crystal clear Wu Competition is NOT an attempt to recreate another WTC just the thought of doin so is ridiculous and is nothing I personally would be apart of. Now with that FACT being overstood we can discuss the basis of the competition which is mainly geared to add on to Wu brand and real hip hop. The competition is very much real and will highlight talented MCs all over the country. This is no AMerican Idol candy BS....This is a competition that will bring out the very best hip hop has to offer and from a fan's standpoint I feel that is huge for hip hop at this time.

    Otherwise I invite you all to check the new site and station dedicated to everyone who loves Wu and real hip hop

    www.wutangmanagement.com www.wutangradio.com Also check out Blue Raspberry's new site www. bluminati.ning.com and look out for her new Mixtape hosted by Legendary Wu Worldwide DJ Ron G!!!


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