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Good work Style. Soon you may become "Brother Style"...
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yah right.....
i would never consider that UMA an equal
of couse not. if i shine at full brightness you (louis cypher) would cease to exist. paradoxically, in order for you to outshine me, you'd have to destroy yourself (louis cypher). so by no means could we ever be equal.
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yo the hole point is to connect with this motion, its not about right or wrong,
this motion is created by nuthing. please answer the quest. why its not moving?
all motion has a cause. reality is a projection of perception. if you see it moving then it is moving. what other frame of reference can you view it from? the images on your tv don't "move", as you define it, you are just perceiving motion from the speed of static images hitting your retina.

if the smell of garlic makes you sick, then to you, garlic stinks. no matter how much i tell you how delicious and fragrant garlic is, your reality is that garlic stinks.

on a deeper level, like i said before, everything is in motion.