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Thread: 1-800 Suicide - remix or 2nd version?

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    Default Re: 1-800 Suicide - remix or 2nd version?

    I thought you guys were talking about the Rza reimix version
    As for myself: I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing sacred about myself or any human being, that we were all machines, doomed to collide and collide and collide.
    - Kurt Vonnegut

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    Default Re: 1-800 Suicide - remix or 2nd version?

    Quote Originally Posted by thwak


    Thanks brother!
    Kill all the government microchips in my body
    I'm the paranoid nigga at your party
    I kill all my enemies at birth!
    Shut the fuck up!
    Bitch and let my slide my hands up your skirt
    Nigga please!

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    Default Re: 1-800 Suicide - remix or 2nd version?

    Ah Shit this aint the one I want I want the version where too poetic raps "your friend marty he got a masarati his brother arty oh he got a ferrari it really offends you to see your friends do BETTER! So you ask your pops for a benz but all you get is a sweater and a pair of slacks" I got in on my make or break it video but never had the song. Can anyone hook me up with this please

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    Allah is my bitch
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    Canít stand Cilvaringz, by the way.... Itís never us coming with the gimmicks. Itís always on the outside, a "B" Wu guy or somebody like that coming with some crap thatís just so gimmicky. It makes you scratch your head and say, ĎWhy Wu-Tang?í when itís not Wu-Tang.
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    That's a guy in those pictures who's a woman?

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    Default Re: 1-800 Suicide - remix or 2nd version?

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