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Thread: Attention - Newcomers Please Read!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pRoTeChTyAnEcK View Post
    This is a good idea cause I see alot of ppl seeking praise then dipping out when shit is not to their satisfaction. As an emcee/producer, I came with the mindset of helping others the way I was helped by cats such as 7thgrandmantis, 12welve, M.O.D., & Tha Basement DwellaZ. I'll be the first to admit that I flat out sucked compared to others when I came here, but over time I adjusted cause if ur willing to learn from experience then you will succeed on some level.

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    LMAO i was about to type up this same shit.

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    dope shit....loll.. naw! im not a frequent at this site nor do i spend much extra time online then i do for listening to a few tracks from inspirational artists, friends or people im battling...bottom line is my critiques have rendered to almost speechless..the internets a great tool especially for artists and networking... i went to art school and was actually trained well to criticize in a constructive manner..but that fell off, so i suppose i can get back into it,.... also, i guess, im a bit selfish as well by not listening more to other cats in the same boat. keep blogging lol



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    Fuck that sjit 3 replyz before postin,,, dope sjit or wateva jus reply 3 timez before ya post I remember this a cople yearz back when my post was deleted and I got mad and then Z popped up and explained to me why so with this rule , good rule yo

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    i think this has been open long enough. starting now, im going to try and put this into effect.

    peace and blessings to all, lets build and get keep it movin!

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