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Thread: Australian Govt wants ISPs to record browsing history

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    Default Australian Govt wants ISPs to record browsing history

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    Fuck, under the guise of protecting against child pornography the government here is going to introduce China levels of censorship it seems.

    Not to mention internet coverage and speed here is already fucking terrible.

    By the way, lol at this
    Another industry source said Australians should "be very f***ing afraid".

    Typical australian

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    data retention is extremely time consuming and expensive, plus it puts a burden on smaller ISP's who probably don't have the staff on hand for the job.

    and then all it takes is for people to start using a proxy server or 3rd party software as a work around. brilliant idea.

    they'd be better off just getting a warrant from a judge per/case rather than trying to live out a minority report fantasy.

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