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Thread: Wu-tang killa beez-the swarm pt3:pollen review

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    Default Wu-tang killa beez-the swarm pt3:pollen review


    01. Roll With Killer Bees (feat. Yellow Jackets)
    02. Headline (feat. Armel, 12 O’Clock, Reverend William Burke & Prodigal Sunn)
    03. Assed Out (feat. Wu-Tang Clan)
    04. Dirts The Boogie (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Boy Jones)
    05. You Must Be Dreaming (feat. Diaz, RZA & Kinetic 9)
    06. M.E.F. (feat. Method Man)
    07. Smooth Sailing (feat. Trife Diesel, Solomon Childs & Ghostface Killah)
    08. Get It Started (feat. Nate, King Just & YC)
    09. Faced Down (feat. Streetlife & Killa Sin)
    10. Testimony (feat. Killah Priest & Remedy)
    11. Action (feat. Solomon Childs)
    12. No Game Around Here (feat. Killer Bees)
    13. Into You (feat. Reverend William Burke & The Rugged Monk)
    14. Transporting (feat. JoJo Pellegrino & Remedy)
    15. Flight Of The Killer Bees (feat. Reverend William Burke & Prodigal Sunn)

    You know when ever something from the “WU brand” drops it's hard not to notice, it's always bold, strong and gritty and anything with the RZA's stamp has to be dope right? Well in the case of “The Swarm Pt 3: Pollen” it's a range of dope, tight and that is an old song. Yeah it's widely ranging from acts like JoJo Pelligrino, Remedy, Method Man, Ghost, Beretta 9 to newbies like Boy Jones to Rev William Burke, they're all or most are hear.

    From the jump you start off with a decent opening track with “Roll With Killer Bees” (feat. Yellow Jackets) and then onto multiple bangers such as “Headline” (feat. Armel, 12 O’Clock, Reverend William Burke & Prodigal Sunn), “You Must Be Dreaming” (feat. Diaz, RZA & Kinetic 9) and a few others. But the vibes from the tracks has they 2010 style of Wu where it mixes strong beats such as the rehashed but sounds newer “Faced Down” which is actually Lay Down on Streetlife's Street Education album and it's featuring Killa Sin in which both go back and forth spitting how someone disrespected them and telling to just stay down. And then you go from that to the illest knowledge spreading track with “Testimony” (feat. Killah Priest & Remedy) in which both Priest and Remedy testify on their lives and things they behold and shows that you have to shed things to grow is the message I feel is being spread and shown here.

    Overall the album isn't as strong as the two previous entries but this wasn't all bad most of it shrank down to 15 cuts in which multiple Killa Beez are featured on majority tracks, things tend to get good and one or two bumps in the road. The looks good on paper type of song in “Dirts The Boogie” (feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Boy Jones) where you see ODB doing his thing but Boy Jones (his son and newest Killa Bee) doesn't really show he has honed his own yet, maybe time will tell with him, it's a decent song. This album is definitely a solid three out of 5 at time it's inspiring with the original mix of “Smooth Sailing” (feat. Trife Diesel, Solomon Childs & Ghostface Killah) to some weak stumbles like the opening song but the majority of the album holds up really good.
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