I kept seeing pictures from this show and Danny Mcbride is funny as hell so I went and DL'd the first 6 shows last night and watched em.

I was addicted.I refused to go to sleep untill I had finished the 6th show.

WTF!!!! @ the 6th show. I seen that shit coming when the suited dude from tampa first crept onto the screen. I fucking knew it.

Eastbound and Down is an excellent loser story. It was like a glorified Semi-Pro or Benchwarmers except in this story the "loser" doesn't win.Dude just keeps falling and falling.

anyway , I read this morning on Wikipedia that there is a second season coming and that they are taking Kenny to Mexico. I honestly didn't see that coming. I figured it would be one of these shows that never gets written again.

If I was on the writing team I would have put Kenny in a car Crash or something like that.Something where everybody is forced to care about him ....and then have him fuck it up Classic Kenny Powers style.

anyway my library time is almost up on this computer.....