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Thread: Edward Norton NOT reprising Hulk character for The Avengers

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    Why are they acting like its imperative that the Hulk be in this movie anyway?

    Aside from The Ultimates, the Hulk was only in the Avengers for a handful of issues, and most of the larger scale stories they could be doing with these characters wouldn't even benefit from the Hulk being there.

    Why not ditch the Hulk and give his slot to a lesser known character with more actual history with the team; like Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ms. Marvel, etc? These characters would never carry a movie, or tv series on their own like Hulk and could use the exposure lol

    They're probably going to make the plot of the movie about the Avengers tasked to subdue the Hulk or some dumb, basic shit like that.

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    ^that's what i was thinking they were gonna do too.

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