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Thread: hi im new

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    Default hi im new

    so i jus thought id give u guys a taste of wat im like (shit)



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    Default Re: hi im new

    any feed

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    ok. not bad for a 13-year-old but when you tryed to imitate a little girl, I have to be honest, Didn't notice mutch of a difference in the voice..
    But I'm sure in a couple of years you will be ill.

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    i'm sorry i really didn't like any of it, the beats, your flow, the lyrics....work at it for a while then come back when your at least 15


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    Default Re: hi im new

    yeh , it aint all the good , some of the flows are pretty weak , give it a few years son

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    Default Re: hi im new

    i aint dissin you but man that voice up son
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