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Thread: Walmart tracking customers through chip in clothing

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    Default Walmart tracking customers through chip in clothing

    Walmart Puts Tracking Code In Some Products

    Jon Delano PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ―

    Walmart calls it the latest high-tech way to keep track of inventory, but others say it could allow the store to spy on people who buy their clothes there.

    After reports first surfaced that Walmart was putting an electronic chip in some of its clothing items, the company moved quickly Friday to allay concerns that they were spying on anybody.

    But it's clear that Walmart customers are not happy about this latest advance in technology.

    It's called an EPC, or electronic product code, and Walmart says it's a sophisticated inventory management tool to track the clothes it sells.

    But privacy advocates say, unless the customer removes the tag on their own, Walmart could determine the location of your clothes even after you leave the store.

    "You have your problems with your identify theft and people get into your personal business, and now they're going to track your clothes? No, I'm sorry, I don't feel comfortable with that at all," says Karen Schultz of Mt. Oliver.

    It's a common reaction from most Walmart customers.

    "No, I don't like that idea whatsoever. Absolutely not. That's pretty much big brother," adds Jason Brydebell of Finleyville.

    "That is just invading people's privacy," notes Val Monfredi of South Park.

    Walmart wouldn't let KDKA Money Editor Jon Delano inside their store with a camera to shoot some pictures, but some of the products likely to have the EPC or so-called smart tag include jeans, underwear or even a lady's camisole.

    Walmart says the EPC will help stores scan shelves quickly to know what items are running low and customers can remove the tag later on.

    Delano: "It's a removable tag. Does that make it better?"

    "No, it's just easier to come and buy whatever you need and not worry about taking a tag off," Denise Dinkfelt of South Park said.

    Ben Peters buys jeans at Walmart and he has no problem with the smart tag up to a point.

    "If they want to track me, as long as they're not transmitting something into my body, I don't care," he laughs.

    Again, Walmart insists that it doesn't care where its products go after it leaves the store.

    A spokesman says clothing with the chip will be clearly labeled so customers can remove it and they've asked their suppliers not to embed the chip in clothing.

    Walmart says even if someone had the right Walmart scanner, it only works within 15 feet of the smart tag, making long distance tracking impossible.

    But all this new technology leaves customers wondering what could be coming next.

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    Ben Peters is just a fictional wad of cum.

    None of this shit matters. What are you gonna do the day you wake up and we have bloodborne nanobots?

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