after playing with my pad for about a week here's my take.

Form and function- this is much more than a big iPhone. calling it that is like calling your laptop just a desktop that sits in ur lap. the large screen is bright and vivid HD. the apps are built to fit this format.

the pad is very very light. it feels about as heavy as a spiral notebook and is a little smaller than one.

the touchscreen is surprisingly intelligent. its almost feels as if the pad is reading your mind and anticipating your keystrokes and finger motions. i can select a link that is surrounded by other small text links and it gets it right on the 1st try.

typing on a pad is dope. i thought it would be kinda jarring to my fingertips but somehow it feels like there are actually buttons that are being pressed.
i wish you could customize the layout. some characters take 2-3 clicks to get to.

i tested the battery life and u can use this mf all day and all night on one charge.

i got a shitload of apps and havent gone really deep into all of them.
some apps to DL:

marvel- best comic reader ever. it pans zooms and scrolls from frame to frame as you tap your way thru the story. the pages are in HD and look fantastic. the whole library is there and there are plenty of free issues to keep you satified till your comic arrives. its been a min since i collected a comic so i started by ordering a few xmen books and some free marvel zombie2 books.

the ordering interface is sleek and easy to go from choosing to watching. takes about 2-3 mins from opening the app to reading a comic.

i'll continue to review more apps or review requested features or apps.