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Thread: Full album preview of Meta-Historical now up on Fatbeats.com

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    album sounds fuckin NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    some confused wu groupies in faded wu wear shirts are gonna be up late crying late about this one!!!!!!!!!!!

    wu corp vampire: "why does tru master give KRS ONE all the wu bangazzz when holocau is in his intellectual prime?!?!?!?"

    KRS is swinging off on these heaters, dominant voice box, dominant flow, dominant message, superior product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    instant cop!!!!!!!!!!!

    tru mas is still that nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shaping up to be the illest KRS album since I GOT NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "palm and fist".... OMG.... i have babies swimming in my pants right now son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ima need a cleanup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ok fuck i caved and just peeped the snippits and basically they have solidified my opinion of true master and that he is and always has been the best out of wu elements

    true >>>> 4th

    4th is fuckin sick but true is the truth! this album sounds like a wu banger. claaa7 the skits are all the same it is some mellow type sample with krs dropping jewels over top hes only speaking and theres a lot of skits but the beats make up for it. this album sounds fuckin incredible

    all of these beats would fit the entire wu perfectly. i am loving this shit

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