I don't like a lot of female singers because they sing too many love songs and love songs are boring to me. Some love songs i can tolerate but most of them i can't. I like En Vogue's first album Born To Sing and i like a couple of songs on their Funky Divas album. My favorite song by them is Don't Go on their first album. Cindy is the hottest girl in the group. I wanna fuck her LOL. She was Omar Epps woman in Juice movie with 2Pac. Remember Brownstone, SWV, Total? I like Brownstone's Grapevyne and 5 Miles To Empty songs. Lelee who was in SWV is the cutest girl in the group. I like Total's Kissing You song. I think the lead singer Keisha in Total is married to Omar Epps. I can't believe he left hot black actress Sanaa Lathan for her hahahahahahahahaha. She isn't as cute as Sanaa.