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Thread: Inspectah Deck - The Movement

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    I've Decided that I was going to listen to this while lifting today and during other activities...


    2.City High
    This is an nice opener right here. I like how Deck describes his come up on the track. It has that street feel to it and the beat is great for this type of track. Inspectah Deck shows he still can deliver around this time. He is spitting some real rhymes on this one, especially on the second verse. This track is pretty solid. 4/5

    3.That Shit
    I guess this was one of his commercial attempts right here. This is a different sound for the Rebel INS. The beat is not even that bad but when you get to the hook you are ready to cut this one right off. He could've came better on this one. This is one of those average cuts on the album. 3.5/5

    4.Get Right
    Another track I thought I would not hear Deck on. I like his switch of flow on here I can give him that. He does show maturity and growth on the mic. This comes off as another radio type track though which fails. The beat is pretty weak which takes the rating for this one down. 3.5/5

    5.The Movement
    In my opinion. Album Title tracks should be one of the standouts on the album. This is not the case. I saw the video for this and I was kind of like "Whoa" LOL. Deck caught me off guard with this one. This is definitely a club track right here, beat was ok but he didn't come good enough on it for it to standout. His opening line on the third verse "I do this for doe, but it's really for love" after that that whole verse was lazy. This had the potential to be way better than it was. 3.5/5

    6.Who Got It
    This one is a gem. I think this is the best track on the album. Deck just comes through on here with the street rhymes and with his usual ill dartz. The beat is something nice on here. "Who got it HUH! WHO GOT IT" just adds more fuel to the fire. He delivered on here, more track like this would've made more people follow the movement instead of going back home. 4.5/5

    7.It's Like That
    Another one of these radio tracks. A club track at best. It's clear this is one of his albums that may be trying to reach out to either new audiences or a new sound. He sounds like one of the commercial cats on the radio on here. Nothing else to say. Oh yeah Deck says it himself in the opening lines in the second verse "I did it for doe, this ain't about rhymes" 3.5/5

    8.Shorty Right There (Feat. Streetlife)
    I'm kind of feeling this track right here. Streetlife comes through on here, Deck follows up with his flow. Beat is pretty good. This is one of the better radio joints on this album. 4/5

    9.U Wanna Be
    This is a pretty good track. I like his lyrics on here which talks about his street life, beat is just right on here. Nothing too special about it, but I think Deck came through on here. 3.5/5

    10.Framed (Feat. Kool G. Rap & Killa Sin)
    Another track that has a nice guest feature on it. If you don't know what this track is about then you shouldn't even be listening to material like Wu-Tang Forever or Wu in general. Kool G. Rap delivers a nice verse on here, his flow is still great and Killa Sin delievers his shit nicely. This is a pretty solid track on this album. 4/5

    11.Bumpin and Grindin
    Another Club track by Deck. I really hope this is not what the movement was all about. Typical club track nothing else to discuss. 3.5/5

    Ok finally some good shit on here, the beat sounds like that there is a Vendetta. Deck comes correct on here, sounds like he's making a comeback into the game. This is what the movement should've been like from the gate. He had so much potential on this album and this song proves me right. Lyrically he shines and goes off. He shows his anger in the 3rd verse and lets off shots. 4/5

    13.The Stereotype
    I'm not feeling nothing about this track. This was a complete miss in my book. I figured out where he was trying to go but he got the wrong directiosn. 2.5/5

    14.That Nigga
    This is an ok track. Better than most of the other joints on here but still nothing too special about it. The hook is one of the best parts to the song. Lyrically he delivers, beat is ok nothing to great, but being that this is better than most of the tracks on here a 4/5 is only right. 4/5

    15.Big City
    Not Feeling this one right here either, that's all I can say on this one. 3/5

    16.Cradle to the Grave
    This is kind of some real shit but I just can't get into to it. The track itself isn't all that great. Deck has better shit than this that he could've thrown on the album. I don't like how this one ended at all. The beat at the end when he gives his shoutouts is better than Every beat on this album, where is this one at? 3/5

    Beats - 3.5/5
    Lyrics - 4/5
    Overall 3.5/5

    Like I said before This is not The Movement I was expecting. Deck has better material than this and should be putting out better products for the fans. I understand the growth and maturity on here and I'll definitely give him that. But this one is filled with Mostly club and radio tracks. I thought the movement was going to be some hard street shit. ****Overall 3.5/5****
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    This album had a strange affect on me. It disappointing me in the sense that i expect so much from Deck, but judging from his previous solo stuff it was more or less what i expected from him.
    Shorty right there is aight. last part of the song is pretty hilarious and reminds me of just sittin back at work and rating girls with the guys i work with. "Amazon 6 feet tall, built for a marathon" good shit

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    Pretty dope album... Didn't like it at first, but now, I'm kind feelin it... Nice beats, but kind too disco-like, but Ins was really good on them... All in all, solid album, but far from Uncontrolled Substance!!!

    Vote for Banger!


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    Has some replay value, a few commercial tracks but they are good at what they do...
    I like this album. 7.5/10
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    6.5/10 ....city High And Stereo Type Are The Highlights I Like A Few Others But Some Joints You Gotta Fast Forward...uncontrolled Substance Was A Much Better Album.

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    this a solid album definately dissapointing at the time but in hindsight he has some real bangers on there Bumping and Grindin is wack but thats the worst of it

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    Expected much better. Really could have been much greater if some Wu Elements were thrown in.

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    Joints like "Framed" ft. Kool G Rap and "Movement" with that tornado warning at the beginning are straight bangers for Deck. Both beats are sick as fuck. "Vendetta" is another I consider an album banger.

    Then you get into the decent tunes like "City High" and "Get Right" and "Who Got It".

    Rounding this CD out are the mediocre tracks "The Stereotype" and "Big City".

    The rest of it I can't listen to.

    *Note: Pretty sure "He's a Rebel" was supposed to be included on this album, but much like "Nightshift" & "The Settlement" off his debut, it was cut due to sample clearances. But Track 5 "Movement" has an allusion to this song.... ("He's a Rebel....don't yall remember?")....but I think they removed the sample in that line for the retail versions, as well.
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    Inspectah Deck's solo albums are terrible hahahahahahahahahaha. I like him though and I love Uncontrolled Substance album pictures.

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    Uncontrolled Substance was great IMO.

    The Movement was "eh." Far from wack, but a bit of a let down.

    Wasn't feelin a lot of the production

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